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What to Do on the Way to You: Bringing Your Genius Through Your Every Day Life

Where woo-woo meets follow through!


This 5 Week Course will help you:

  • Activate and Discover Your Divine Gifts

  • Harness That Flow as You Build Your Own Personalized, No-Nonsense Practice

  • Translate Your Connection into the Powerful Work You Crave to Create, Whether That is a Book, a Song, a Business, a Program, a Work of Art, a Room Design or a Revolution

  • All Without Quitting Your Job, Leaving Your Spouse, or Moving to a Jungle or Mountaintop (Although…You Can if You Really Want To….)

This course follows 6 simple (but not always easy) steps of what I call Connected Creativity. This is a blend of new school alignment and connection with old school focus and a little bit of grit. I won’t teach you to follow the moon cycles (though those are cool) or to only show up when you feel inspired. On the other hand, I won’t teach you to muscle through a project when if it feels wrong (that is, once you’ve learned how to finish). Mainly, I’ll show you how to create your own foolproof toolbox so that everything you create is WORTH finishing, and to build the muscle to do just that.

My theory is that life is our great work of art, and that we have got it all mixed up with vocation. We’re bombarded with images of people “living the dream,” and it creates unrest and anxiousness in our own lives. But what if you could live your dream right now, in the pockets of time you create? What if you can keep expanding that fired up, tuned in part of yourself, so that the quality of your life begins to vibrate with your fabulous you-ness, no matter what else you’re doing?

That’s the life I’m living now, a beautiful cacophony of 3d and 5d, of paid work and semi paid work, of risks and rewards and exhilarations and frustrations as I let my authentic work out into the world, while working a regular job, raising a daughter, and dealing with traffic. What does it look like? I surf every day. I eat mangoes. I dig my toes in the sand. In between spreadsheets. And deadlines. And inspiration. I’ll tell you more about how I did that in the class, because it all started with the tools I’m teaching here.

The point is, we don’t have to be anywhere else. We just have to be ourselves. And the good news is, you’ve already got what you need, I promise!

In this 5 Week Course, You’ll Learn:

Week One: Connection: Why This is the Single Most Important Part of the Creative Process (or Life), and How to Create Foolproof Practices for Yourself

Week Two: Inspiration: The Four Types of Inspiration and How to Harness Them So Your Work Surprises, Delights, and Excites You

Week Three: Mastering Guidance: Translating Inspiration Into Clear Steps So You Can Always Trust Your Own Guidance System

Week Four: Expression: The Different Layers of Giving Your Work Form, How to Juggle the Internal and External Processes, and Staying On Course Through the Decision Making Process

Week Five: Sharing and Integration: Why It’s So Important To Share; the Four Types of People You Will Encounter When You Share; How to Integrate the Experience of Letting Your Work Out Into the World So You Can Do It Again and Again!

Class will be conducted via UberConference. Recordings will be available if you can’t make the date.

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