How Menopause Leads to Infinity: You Just May Have to Die a Little First

But what we encourage you to nurture

Is the relationship with the present

And we encourage you to do this with some mercilessness

It is okay to mercilessly let go of the future

We promise that it will be there when you get back

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What Are Triggers? And What Do We Do With Them?

And what we would like to observe for you

Is that some of these feelings feel very good

And they feel very familiar

And they feel very tribal

Some of these feelings attribute to a sense of belonging

And so the same feelings that make you feel

Less than




Pushed away

Also make you feel

A part of


In relationship to others

And so you are on this constant rollercoaster

Of those feelings that feel good

And those feelings that feel bad

In relationship to others

And all of these triggers

Are in and about relationship with others

Whereas when you come back to relationship

Wholly with yourself

There is no such thing

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We Invite You to Skip the Part Where You Burn Down Your Life to be Reborn

Let go the idea that the apocalypse is necessary

For heaven to spring forward

That your own disasters are necessary

For you to create and love one another

We invite you to lift off

From the zone of okayness

We invite you to uncork your access to divine creation

Without causing or creating or being part

Of a disaster in the world or in your own life

That you can elevate everything right now

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The Human Shadings of the Law of Attraction

So it is not just the idea of aligning yourself

With what feels good in the sense of it feeling like non friction

It’s being able

As if you could take the colors of the sky

At sunrise and sunset

On dark nights

On cloudy days

On brilliant summer mornings

And wrap them up

In a cloak around you

And from that place

Emerge into wherever you so choose

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What Should Education Look Like for the New Earth?

And the first thing we’ll speak to are the qualities

The quality of kindness

And the quality of courage

And these qualities form together

In a way that expresses enactment


These are not latent qualities

And they are also not qualities of live and let live

They are not qualities of I’m okay you’re ok

They are not qualities of you are less than

They are not qualities of you are greater than

They are qualities that enact

Principles of fairness

Of commitment

Of consideration

And of action

Of right, guided action

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How to Blossom, Not Burn, When You Feel Competitive

And we would say that your lifetime is not complete

Unless and until

You are reaching toward your magnificent expression

And we would say that each of you

Absolutely has the gifts

Some of them just being awakened now

But here is the problem

What you have not developed

Is your ability to recognize when YOU reach

That pinnacle of expression

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Selfish Looks Good on You: Next Level Humanity

We hear the, “But what if we were all selfish?

How would anything ever get done for anyone?”

And we would say to you

Everything would get done for everyone

Because first and foremost

You would be in alignment with your most divine presence

And the world would simply come alive at your feet

And your need for anyone to do anything for you

Would become nearly non-existent

And your capacity to do anything for everyone else

Would become momentous

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What I Am Learning Living on an Erupting Volcano: Do Not Fear the Cracks in Your Heart

She told me, stand in the fire of the sacred feminine. She told me, stand and know that you are worthy. She told me, stand and know that you are all of creation. Never doubt or grovel or shame yourself. You are the fire of life. Do not fear the cracks in the road. Do not fear the cracks in your heart. Stand in the fire of the sacred feminine. Purify your courage with the light of your soul. You are everything. You are me. We are one.

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How Do You Manage Destructive Feelings? And What Is At Stake for Everyone?

And if you notice

You cannot will away ANY of your feelings

You cannot on an individual level

Will away jealousy

You cannot will away hatred

You cannot will away fear

You cannot will it away

And so an aggressive reaction to such a person

Is demanding of them and all others

That they simply will away what is bubbling up for them

And of course you can do that if you want

But we would point out to you

That it does not appear to be working

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