Divine Connection & Activation Session

Creating From Your I Am Presence


Sessions are available Saturday and Sunday from 11AM to 11PM Pacific (I am on Hawaiian Standard Time)

Please email me directly with 3 times that will work for you. I will get right back to you. Love and warm aloha!


Divine Connection and Activation Session: creating from your i am presence

My deepest intention is to inspire you to be You by connecting to your I Am presence, and creating from that divine, integrated self.  I do this by broadcasting a frequency, or vibration, that activates your own inner knowing, and your own access to your divine self, while being guided by the multi-faceted diamond consciousness of my own I Am presence.

In the Connection and Activation Session, we will clear any beliefs or programs that interfere with your direct knowing, identify a personal portal that you can always access for your divine guidance, and activate your New World gifts with sacred codes generated just for you.

I refer to gifts in many ways, but the primary meaning is the unlocking of your unstoppable potential. They are different than “talents” as we typically refer to them. Once the portal to your I Am Presence is open, you will lose any shroud of doubt and uncertainty, and delight in the unfoldment of your deepest desires, your deepest loves, your own unique expression of divinity.

60 Minutes: $50


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Testimonials for Sheila's Coaching:

“You helped me get clarity the day we had our session. Your gifts of really listening and distilling what is said is sooooooo needed!!!! Love and applause” —Katrina B.

“Speaking as one of the blessed people who benefitted greatly from your powerful presence, deep listening, insightful feedback and practical action steps, you totally helped me out and pulled me through a serious block! The insight and guidance you provided continues to propel me forward! it is a huge blessing and gift to anyone who gets to work with you! SO much love sister! Keep shining!” —Stephanie A.

“Shout out to Sheila Gallien for an awesome fierce focus session! Ready to go and create! Even if that does mean scheduling and sticking to the schedule. :O) Among other fun things.” —Genevieve L.

I was feeling proud of myself for building my own website and had some ideas of how to move forward with my Business but I also felt very scattered and didn’t know how to put all the pieces together. I had a session with Sheila and from the getgo, she picked up on things that were going on and then proceeded to explain my next steps and gave me some Tools to move forward. After our session, I felt VERY clear about what to tackle next and I began implementing her strategies. I felt a sense of confidence and direction I didn’t have before. I highly recommend Sheila! She really has a gift of seeing what is going on and putting the pieces together so you can move forward with Excitement and Fearlessness! ROAR! –Jyll H.