What I Am Learning Living on an Erupting Volcano: Do Not Fear the Cracks in Your Heart

She told me, stand in the fire of the sacred feminine. She told me, stand and know that you are worthy. She told me, stand and know that you are all of creation. Never doubt or grovel or shame yourself. You are the fire of life. Do not fear the cracks in the road. Do not fear the cracks in your heart. Stand in the fire of the sacred feminine. Purify your courage with the light of your soul. You are everything. You are me. We are one.

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How Do You Manage Destructive Feelings? And What Is At Stake for Everyone?

And if you notice

You cannot will away ANY of your feelings

You cannot on an individual level

Will away jealousy

You cannot will away hatred

You cannot will away fear

You cannot will it away

And so an aggressive reaction to such a person

Is demanding of them and all others

That they simply will away what is bubbling up for them

And of course you can do that if you want

But we would point out to you

That it does not appear to be working

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What Do You Do When You Hate That B#*@*?

We are just giddy with this question because

It is a subject that so needs to be addressed

And we are surprised in a way that we have not addressed it before

Because it’s as if there is an idea that hatred

Is not in the providence of “spiritual growth”

It is the idea that hatred is not useful

In expanding the experience

And the possibilities

For humanity and beyond

It is as if hatred is a wart or an outgrowth

If some shadowy dualistic redheaded stepchild

And one can always offer that hatred is in opposition to

The truth and the love and the divine spirit that you are

But none of this can discount the power of hatred

And if we are ever, as the great collective of life

To move beyond war

Then we must give honor to hatred

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