Your Gifts Are Your Gateway: 8 Steps To Living and Loving Who You Really Are

I'm very excited about this piece just published in Thrive Global. It seems like I have been working on it FOREVER! I truly hope you find something in here that serves you!


Purpose, purpose, purpose, so many of us right now are questing for purpose! Google “find your purpose” and you’ll unearth pages of books, articles and programs…(DISCLAIMER: many of which I’ve taken or read…)

And it IS important, it IS urgent. We are feeling a bubbling up within that is SO big, SO real. We are experiencing a palpable expansion of consciousness, but also watching the world in its beautiful and terrifying cuckoo-ness and thinking we better get on this train now! That's what the books and programs are urging too.

I have been riding this urgency train myself for a few years now--not without reaping rewards--but I am feeling lately like we are going at it just a little bit...assbackwards. 

If we want to be high vibin’, big loving, super-abundant powerfully on-purpose beings, then we have to rethink how we qualify our success. We can’t be measuring ourselves within the confines of a world that is just so—well—3D. 

The old benchmark has been, however cleverly disguised, “are you LIVING your purpose,” which is really just masking the question, “are you making a living at your purpose?” Which adds a crazy making element. When you depend on vocation to define your highest purpose, you build a whole new labyrinth to yourself. Not only do you need to find said purpose, but you need to get good at it, market it, sell it, and then keep it expanding, without necessarily knowing how to expand yourself.

In fact, what we are talking about when we marry purpose with vocation is FREEDOM. We want freedom FROM all the stuff we don’t like. We want the freedom TO be wholly immersed in what we consider a more meaningful existence (even if we have no idea how to bring meaning to our lives moment by moment). We don’t want to be divided anymore or exhausted by our quest.

But the noise and pressure of this quest messes with our inner guidance. The desire for urgent success, to be rescued from our choices up to this point, can blot out the real joy of discovering, uncovering, celebrating, practicing and embodying the truly divine, unfathomable, radiant beings that we REALLY are, and learning how to LIVE that way.

This is, I believe, why it is sooo hard for so many of us to find our true selves. We have this confusion that our gifts reside within the talents we think we have, which, if we are blessed and committed and aligned and supported enough, will unlock and provide our true vocation, which will provide freedom.

Well, um…maybe…

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