How Do You Get Over NOT Being Chosen?


A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

Good morning beloveds

Thank you for meeting us here at the edge of earth and water

We love this crashing connection

We love the opportunity to feel the spray

Through what you convey to us

To feel the convergence

The collision

The expansion


You ask this very important question

Because we believe, when we’re through

You will see that it permeates everything

And that the answer is both truly simple and the stuff all your practice


You asked the question three ways:

How do you get past a betrayal?

How do you get past a rejection?

And then got to this core question,

How do you get past not being chosen?


And the real question we believe you are asking is

How do you get past not being enough?

And perhaps more to the point

How can you be enough?


How can you be as magnificent?

How can you be as talented?

How can you be as beautiful?

How can you be irresistible?

How can you be irrepressible?

How can you be the chosen one?

How can you be the anointed one?

How can you be the coronated one?

How can you be all that?


Let’s come back and ask the question

Who is measuring? (laughs)

Let’s come back and ask the question

We’ll start with…who are you comparing yourself to?


And we would ask you to look first at that person

That perhaps you feel has more

And look at the qualities that they embody

And look at the truth of what you know about them


We’ll tell you this fundamental truth

That there is no one that is better or more loved

Anywhere on the planet

There are only those who are closer to source

And who are farther

There are only those who are conscious and aligned with their true divine nature

And those that are not

And everything else is an illusion and a fabrication on your part

To show you where you are and where you are not

That is the truth


So the question is

What do you feel you are lacking?

That you are not anointed?

Are you not beautiful enough?

Are you not smart enough?

Are you not wise enough?

Are you not talented enough?

Are you not sexy enough?

Are you not young enough?

Are you not old enough?


What if you could have everything you want right now?

What if you were all of that right now?

Take that in

Breathe that in

That you are the most radiant beautiful brilliant beloved celebrated incarnation

That you can be

You have all that you have ever wanted

And see yourself in this moment


It’s as if you’re an astronaut floating in space

And your source is at the end of that line

And you’ve been dangling at the end of the line

Looking outside for all of these other things

Imagine that the hose begins to recoil

And that at the end of it

Is this radiant source of perfection and creation and divine love

And that you are being pulled in

Reeled home

Into that radiance

Until you join with it and you are all of that light

Now as you sit, breathe, are, what are you doing?

Who are you being?

What are you doing with your body?

Who are you seeing with your heart?

Who is surrounding you?

What are you doing with your hands?

Where do you live and where are you going?

Bring yourself to the mirror

And what do you see?

And from this place, look around you

And how does the world look?


From this place of love and perfection

Where you have all that you need and more

Where you are expressing your divine connection and more

How does the world look?

Does anybody look more than you?


Now think back to these people that you think you envy

And we mean in this case, specifically

One who got the thing you didn’t get

Now are they looking out upon the world in that way?

Are they radiant, are they whole, are they loved?

Do they walk with presence?

Are their hearts glowing?

Are they generous

Are they open

Do you want to bask in their light?


And if the answer is no, then these people are just projections and shadows

Of differently painted versions of all of your same fears

These people have different configurations of the facades

And so, like the Rubik's cube

They may have one side, or even two sides done

But on the other side, it’s a disaster (laughs)


And so you have not been chosen, not because you are less than anything

You have not been chosen because the person who chooses

Chose a different configuration of their own fears

They are not choosing wholeness and radiance

And if you’re fair, look back at the person that has “done this” to you

And what does this person reflect back?

Do they have wholeness and radiance?

Are they walking with the energy and love

And compassionate and excitement and expression

That you are when you are whole with your source?


And we will venture to say they are not


And so you are out floating with your hose getting longer and longer

Getting further away from source

Looking for the next shiny star to touch

To compare yourself to

When all the time what would be most helpful

Is to keep seeing the truth of who you really are

In your most radiant divine expression


And we know this is not easy

When all those beautiful stars seem to be pinging around you

The ones that are flashing the white or the red side, or the blue side


And so this is a practice

To come back to your divine nature

Come back tin that moment, come back  to that place again

Who are you when you are one with the divine creative radiance of love?

How beautiful are you?

How talented are you?

How present are you?

How available are you?

How all-seeing are you?

Can you not see from here, the cubes that are hiding the other sides?


And so the way through it

And you’ve heard it in many different forms

We know we know you want to roll your eyes and crawl into a cave and smash things

Do I really have to love myself some more?

When will I feel the love of another loving me in this way?



And the truth is you can keep feeling these two-sided

Or even three-sided loves

You can keep looking for those

And maybe you want to

Maybe you want to keep a side scrambled

Because it’s exciting and fun

Painful as it is

To keep moving those pieces around

Just be willing to see what you’re really seeing

And know that the secret to that wholeness is knowing that there IS wholeness


And it is truly stepping back into that place of your own divine creation

Come back now and share with us

When you are radiant

When you are whole

When you are divine

What are you doing?

Name one thing that you are doing

Just one

Go back to that place

What is one thing that you do?

Maybe it is laugh

Maybe it is paint

Maybe it is call a friend

Maybe it is write

Maybe it is dance

Maybe it is design

Maybe it is run, maybe it is surf, maybe it is swim

Maybe it is touch


What is ONE thing?


Now commit to yourself right now

Take this thing with you

That no matter what

This thing,

THIS thing

You will do

All the time

This thing, that comes from your radiant perfect expressive self

Without any attachment to what it will bring you

Except home

This thing you will do

And this is not about instant relief

This is not about one and done

Because the truth is

The way you learn to be chosen

Is by choosing who you are

Over and over again

And so commit to this choice

For your light source

Commit to this choice

As if it were your glass of water

As if it were your morning coffee


And when that choice stops to work

Find another

In fact, fill your days with as many of those as you can make

And no matter what else your life is full of

The time will begin to expand

The space of your radiance will expand

And come back

And come back

And come back

And come back

And come back

And come back

And come back

And come back

And come back

And come back

And come BACK

Ah, we love you so


And we come to you

From the heart center

Of the











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