Why Addiction Is Good for You...And How to Make It Better

Photo by  Grace Madeline  on  Unsplash

A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

Aloha beloveds

We would like to speak with you

About addiction

About the smelly snarly beast of it all

That feels like it’s crawling into your very soul

To keep you from everything you want

From everything you want to be

From everything you want to truly know

From everything you truly want to experience


And we want to just ease your minds

And let you know that this is just a byproduct of living

This is just a byproduct of this very human experience you’re having

Of literally cramming your divine soul

Into this divinely created body


We invite you to look for a moment

At the judgments

That come with addiction

That you are not enough just as you are

That there is a craving for something more

That there is a craving for a fullness

For a satiety

And that in reaching for these “plugs,” we’ll call them

It’s as if the leak will stop


And we’d love to just hold you and rock you and let you know

That you’re okay

We’d like to just hold you and rock you and let you know

That the craving to stop this leakage

Is just the best that you’ve got right now

That there is no true blueprint for how to live In this body

Through its immense growth and changes

And yet

We want you to feel better

We want you to feel better

Without this plug


And we’d like to give you a tool

That may feel counterintuitive

Because we know that your goal is to be free

Of these addictions


But we invite you to take the moment

When you indulge

To feel the plug that you’ve created

To feel the stoppage from this leaking


And part of it is that it is really impossible to maintain

The sense of being in the world and having continual flow

And as spirit

As divinity

Flows through you

As nourishing as it is

It is very natural to want to

Plug it up and be full of it

So that you don’t have to deal with that emptiness again


It is very natural

To want to bottle it

And this is what addiction gives you

Through whatever your chosen delight is

Whether it’s food

Or cigarettes

Or alcohol

Or drugs

Or relationship

Or exercise

But it is just a beautiful, manic attempt

To hold onto this feeling of fulness

So that you don’t have to experience

The moment of its loss

To shift away from the demands and distractions

That it is really the quest for the divine


We invite you to take comfort in that

That this is not you trying to derail yourself

From some sort of divine expression

This is, in fact, your attempt

To fill yourself, to plug the leak

So that you can, from this place

Be all that you want to be


And so we invite you to take this quest

Into everything that you do

And to recognize that this urge is very natural

That this is, in fact, a healthy urge

And in so doing shift your judgment away

From the results, if you will

That if you continue to plug yourself in this particular way

That there will be undesirable effects

This may be illness

This may be a continuation

Of a craving that can’t be satisfied


But first and foremost recognize it for what it is

Which is a desire to feel divine

And from that place, ease yourself into

The quest for longer lasting satisfactions


You have many tools available to you

Once you understand what you are questing

We invite you to not do this in isolation

That it is often the very quest

for sharing this sense of fullness In some way

That brings you to these behaviors

And then some of these are secret behaviors

These are secret parts of yourself

That only you know

These secret, tender places of yourself

That you choose to explore


We invite you to reach out for help

We invite you to reach out for love

But not just love

We invite you to reach out to experts

Who deal with the human body

To reach to those who understand the connection

Between the divine, and your humanity

That in being able to share this quest of yours

With someone who can understand

You open up the chance for new pathways

And even in these secret, private behaviors

You will be amazed that you can find those

Who understand


And we know that if you sit with yourself and ask

From this place of wholeness

From this place of divine love

From this place of feeling loved

Where can I turn to feel this in a way that I like better?

You will find an answer


Because if the addiction is not disturbing you

Then it is likely not an addiction

But if it is disturbing you

This quest to feel whole, to feel plugged

Is not going to go away

And so the trick is to discover those ways

That you can shift

That you can create new patterns


It is not the habit of connecting that needs to be changed

It is the matter in which you’re doing it

And so we invite you, very simply

To ask for help

To reach into your own knowing and ask,

Where can I find this help?

And to know from this place of love

Of gentleness

Of wholeness

Of divinity

Of transformation

That all is possible

And to treat this gateway

As the sacred gateway that it is

Nothing more

Nothing less

A sacred gateway

Through which you can proceed

With angels on your shoulders


Our love is never-failing

Our love is never-ending

Our support for you is unfathomable

And we come to you


From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe