Where Is Sexual Desire Really Leading You?


A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

Good morning, beloveds

We’d like to speak with you this morning

About a red hot topic

Sexual desire

We’d like to comfort you

Soothe you

From the jaggedness

From the explosiveness

Of this most fundamental

Most basic

Most glorious craving


And yet we can’t


Not really


Because this upheaving





Is nothing less than creation itself

And while there is an ease and flow

A harmony

The experience of birth

Is, by nature, explosive

Eruptive, perhaps, a better term


And so all we can really say to you

To ease you in the power

The consumption

Of this experience

Is to remind you

Of its gift

Which is your own ignition

And it carries with it

The bittersweetness

Of arrival and departure


And so we might invite you

To fall into the rapture

Of this desire

In the moments that it arrives

And just to be with it

As deeply and as gloriously and as lovingly as you can

Because anyone who has lived through time in any way in any form

Knows that the piercing-ness of this experience

Is not lasting

And that the satisfaction that finally comes

Is not lasting

And so the deliciousness

Is in as much of its birth

As its satisfaction

As hard as that is to understand

While it burns


And so we invite you to dip into the sacredness

Of this experience

To dip into the birthright of these desires

To let them fill your whole body

Your whole being

To rejoice in this energy of creation


Many have created whole modalities

To harness and focus this life force

What we would encourage you to do

Is simply to glow

To glow and to know

That there will be satisfaction

And then there will be not

And there will be birth

And then there will be not


And this gift of life

This spark of creation

That ignites you

Is the playful





Of creation

Of the divine


And while we’re here

We may say that this is why we say

That a new world

A new earth

A new creation

Will not be one note

Will not be without texture

Will not be without levels

Will not be without intensity

Because the nature and the quality

Of birth

Of creation

Is not changing

Only the quality of living day to day

As a consciousness

Awakens through all your cellular structures


This desire is our promise

That life will always be exciting

It is our promise that there will be lulls

It is our promise that rhythm continues

In the new world


And so how to make peace with such desires

When they are unrequited

Is simply to know

That the object of your desire

At the risk of being confoundingly irritating

Is you

The object of your desire

Is your divinity

Is your divine expression


And when this aligns

With another likeminded soul

You will experience an ignition

That is unlike any other you’ve imagined

Or perhaps exactly what you’ve imagined


And so we remind you

When you are celebrating




In this golden emulsion

Of creation

If desire

Of birth

Of expression

Be mindful of choosing one

Who is capable of leading you there

Be mindful of how you show up

To this union

Be mindful and be willing

To allow it to be this holy


And this will take some getting used to

But if you listen and sink within your body

You will discover

All that you need to decipher

Whom you should meet


And the main despair is to believe

That you will not meet them in time

But we encourage you to differentiate from

Pulling this one in

So that you can stop this jagged edge

And to meet with such awareness

And such clarity within your own being

That you will sanctify

This union for yourself


And you may as well know ahead of time

That shortly thereafter

You will be wanting more

And begin again

In this rhythm

Of desire


And so be joyful, dear ones

That you are alive

Be joyful, dear ones

That you have this capacity

Relish and revel in your capacity

And be gentle

Be loving

Be full of reverence

For yourself

And for others

In their sacred desires as well

And always



Honor yourself



And this

Is how the sacred feminine

And the sacred masculine

Will find each other


And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe




Sheila GallienComment