When You Are Betrayed, It Is the End of An Agreement


We’d like to talk to you today about betrayal

We’ll speak for a moment from within your human body

To let you know that we understand

To let you know that we know the fire of it

The focused agony of it

The unraveling of it

The sense of abandonment of it

The anchorlessness of it

We want you to know we understand the intensity of it

And we want to give you a little perspective


When you are betrayed,

It is the end of an agreement that you made

It is the opening to a new exploration

It is the release, in the most literal way,

Of everything you believed to be true

And we know the panic of releasing

Everything you know to be true


And yet we also know

Without the release,

You’d never get to experience anything new


And this is what you’re here for

You’re not here to be stuck in forms that don’t serve you

That’s not what this time is about

Your lives are long and intense and packed with experience

And this is what you chose


Now we’re not minimizing the power of betrayal

The mightiest example you may have is Jesus betrayed by Judas

And yet did not that release him, and everyone,

From a belief that they already had

Which was, perhaps, that man is mortal?

Which was, that life is not everlasting?

Which was, that we are not our own messiah?

Because without that release, those teachings of that great master

May never have made their way here


And so for sure betrayal is a death

It is a death that you have chosen

And participated in long before you came here

Because you did not come here for it to be easy

Unless your life IS….

Then that is what you came here for (laughs)


Now it may take some time to catch up with yourself, with betrayal

Because the human body, and being, scars

And the nerves stay alive and tender

And part of that

Is to remind you of where you’ve been

To remind you to choose a different experience

Although we know this is a difficult place to live with,

And live from,

This betrayal is a gift

And the person, or institution that gave it to you

Is a vessel of your own divine experience


And so you can choose to have a different experience

With that person or institution

You may not be able to get away from them

In fact, you may never be able to get away from them

Because they have catapulted you

Into a new reality, whether or not you liked it

And you will carry those reminders within you


It’s like each intense emotional experience

Is a living organism within you

It can be a healthy living organism,

It does not have to ooze toxins

But it is a gateway through which you passed

Like a river through which you swam


And so bless it

And if this is difficult, then bring it offerings

Spend some time with that wound, and that gateway

Take it for a day by the river, or a day to the beach

Wherever you might actually find it

Bring it a picnic lunch and some chocolate


And imagine

And look at how far you have come

From that moment

Even if it was just this morning


And bless yourself for the willingness to make this change

To let layers of belief fall away

To courageously step into completely new realities


And get used to it

--Not so much to betrayal--

But this willingness to embrace what’s before you

Always touching, always loving,

These emotional gateways that you come from


We are not asking you to quench the fire

Or to forget the deliverer

But we are asking you to embrace

What has been forged and reformed within you

To bring those pieces of yourself

That have emerged, opened, blossomed

And to cradle all those pieces of yourself that were lost


Now the day to day living with it…

When it triggers you, when it comes to you

These are the steps


Cradle the pieces that feel that they have crumbled

Anoint the pieces that have grown and expanded

And bless that gateway

And bless its deliverer

And see what can be formed in your life now

With new eyes

And an expanded, healing, glorious heart


And so we come to you

With courage

From the heart center of the heart center

Of the universe