When A Volcano Talks To You, It May Be Prudent To Listen

Big Island forming, Feb 2017, photo by Meisterphotos

Big Island forming, Feb 2017, photo by Meisterphotos

As most of you know, I usually channel a collective consciousness that calls itself the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe. Now and then, I channel other collective consciousnesses, including animals, trees, and celestial beings. Today, as I meditated on a great pahoehoe lava flow at the edge of the blue Hawaiian waters, I was graced with a consciousness that was the heart of the Big Island of itself. I was not sure whether to share it, but if the volcano is going to talk, it seems prudent to listen…

We are not accustomed to words

We’ll use the best we can

This is vibration

This is the magnetic field you speak of

Understand how close you are here to the earth

People call the earth “gaia”

This is not what we feel like

“Gaia” is a word superimposed on these energies

In the dualistic masculine/feminine nature

It is not our word

It is not a bad word…

So what is a volcano?

What is a volcano but a visible expression

Of the blood of the earth?

You see, here you feel this rough, unformed, forming, expanding

We want to say “hungry” but that’s not quite it (laughs)

We want you to know our heart

We want you to know this rawness

That is so forgotten

Even with this crystalline structure

This shimmering light

That everyone is focused upon

We want you to remember that heat is a part of it

It is not all about rising

It is not all bubblicious

There is viscosity

There is gravity

Not in the sense of it bringing you back down to earth

But in the way that the spaces are filled

Not all with gossamer light

But with radiant heat

We want you to feel the power of magma

We want you to know our heft

Our viscousness

And how do we relate to these energies

Of transport

Of light

Of what you consider more effervescent?

What about the rock that you sit on now?

The warmth and solidity

The support that you feel?

And the water that is splashing at your ankles

And the sunlight that is penetrating your skin

And the air that is sifting through your mouth and your nose

How do these all relate to each other?

And the invisible energetic structures?

We want you to celebrate form

We invite you to beautify the spectrum of creation

The way that we interact

Is through the impulse of creation

Which expresses along a spectrum

Of light


And wave

And as you celebrate form

We invite you to stretch so that you see the full spectrum

That is contained in everything

And so when you feel yourself supported

By this magma cooled by air

That you stretch in your mind’s eye

To see the whole of creation

We know that you must give names

Or that you think you must give names

Or that it is fun to give names

So that you can trade these pictures

But we invite you to come back

To the purpose of these trades

What is it you want to do with these pictures?

What is it you want to do with this naming?

With this, what you are calling “understanding?”

Understanding is instantaneous

It happens in what you call your heart

So what is your next step

With this understanding?

Are you going to form and create and combine and explore?

Are you going to construct?

Are you going to connect?

Or are you going to put these pictures

And name these things

And put them in little glass bottles to point to and compare?

Are you going to throw them at one another?

As you quest for understanding, bring yourself back

To what that understanding will bring you

We invite you to be builders

And what we mean by that

Is to bring form, ever shifting changing form

To your understanding

To not put them in glass bottles

But to bring them out to be explored

As we create the magma, and the rocks

And you walk along the lava paths

And explore the shoreline

Don’t enshrine it

Here we are ever creating

We invite you to be builders of connections

Between these forms you name and beyond

As the magma continually forms

And new shorelines

So can you continually form

New shorelines for your heart

Your soul

Your mind

Again these shapes you name

And what can you build with each other?

And so take the time to be supported

By the structures that you love

Take the time to celebrate their form

And allow yourself to see the layers

And the possibilities

Of interaction

Of construction

Between the elements

Between the building blocks of life

Between the dimensions

We come to you from the center

Of what you call earth

Traveling with

Always through

Always as

The heart center

Of the heart center

Of the universe


In molten form
















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