What's So Sacred About Sacred Space?


A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

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Ahh good evening beloveds

We are so so so happy to see you here

To feel you here

To sense your presence

As this gorgeous sun sets

Expands and stretches

Beyond this visible horizon


And we’d like to draw your attention

To the visible and the invisible

The visible and the discernible

We’d like to draw your attention

To how much you experience

Of the invisible

Even when you don’t have names for it


In the simplest way

The way you feel someone’s eyes upon you

In the warmest way

When you feel the love of your beloved

Near you

Without touching

Without looking

And the experience of even scent

And sound

Which is also invisible


In the ways that life reaches you

Without obvious intent

In the way that it simply seeps

Within you


And in that same way

That you can walk into a place

Into the clearing of a forest

Onto the edge of the sea

Under the quiet moonlight

And in the same way

That you can feel fuller

In a way that you can’t describe

This is the way that

Life is always communicating with you

And we would like to talk

And draw your attention

To the idea of

The wave

And of centralized pooling energy

Of the movement of energy

In different places

And different ways

In the way that it might

Spin around into a vortex

And drain and reform

And the way that moment to moment

You might see in the sea

The movement of these waves

This is also true of all land

Of all beings

And yet everything moves

In different tables of time

And so what happens very quickly

In the sea

May happen very very slowly

In the life

Of a mountain


But these powerful surges of energy

Imbued with expression

Are alive

And so when you feel the connection

When you are drawn to it

We said earlier it was perhaps,

With not, the same type of intent

As say, a conversation planned out

By a colleague

And not an advertisement…

But a conversation

Welling from the heart

In the way that a perfect wave crests

Sprouting from a tree

In the way that a perfect tree


That there is a power


Of expression

That’s what we want to say


These are the moments

These are the vortices

That are encoded in these sacred places

That you are drawn to

And they are moving

In whatever dimensions

And layers of time are appropriate for them


And so when you find this connection

And you feel it at your source

There is a matching

Like an opening

Of your own encoding

There is a turning of the dial

There is a possibility within you

That has never existed before

That was latent

And that now is alive


And this is the connection to sacred space

And so that aliveness that flows through you

Once it has been connected

It’s like a source of clean clear water

That you come back to over and over again

To wash away

The falseness

The rigidities

Of the beliefs

The kind of almost stalactites

And calcified energies

And you come back to this clear clean force

And you blast through all of that

And it returns you

To this perfect pinnacle

Of conversation

Of the ultimate expression

Of the divine


And so we invite you

Oh we invite you

Oh we invite you

To press your feet against the sacred space

To press your hands and knees and your heart

Against the sacred space

To drink from the sacred space

To show it the love

And the honor

To celebrate it

And decorate it

To enjoy it and be with it


And know that these spaces

Just as they are right now

In the land of Hawaii

There are more available

They are being created

And they are teasing and calling

And inviting

Those who feel them

To recognize


To sanctify



We dare say protect


The force within this sacred space

Is greater

Than anything that can be

Built upon it

And it will last its own time

All that can fall away

Is access to it


And if you know someone

That has maybe never felt it

See if you might introduce them

To something so glorious

That they may drink

Of the well themselves


Because this so doing can change them

Molecule by molecule

Cell by cell

In fragments too tiny for words

And the more opportunity

That you have to drink from the clean clear well

Of divine connection

Of playful, glorious expression

The more fortified you will be

The more fortified

With the force

That creates worlds




So share it

Share it

Share it


It is a spectacular planet (laughs)

One of the very very best


And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe

We love you so




Sheila GallienComment