What Really Is the Portal to the Next Dimension?


Greetings beloveds

Today we want to speak to you

About pandemonium

About heartache and soul sickness

About catastrophe

About confusion

About confoundment

About paralysis


We see you all, in a way,

On the edges of this great quaking quivering

It’s almost (laughing), like a pre-orgasmic state

Of pent-up built-up lifetimes’ worth of carbon…

And it is affecting people in different ways

As the lifeblood of consciousness begins to move through all beings

But most especially all beings who are conscious of it


It’s like what happens when you give an engine a purer fuel

Or introduce a fuel it has not quite evolved to process

It’s like a few switches just need to be tuned, adjusted

And this is that quaking, birthing moment


And so what is asked of you now

Is truly and simply to breathe

And this is why it is so confusing

Especially for those who have always reached

Because this is a different kind of activation

How can we put this?

Instead of there being an impetus to reach towards something

It’s a non-mechanical function

It’s simply…

It’s as if just by being the valve, the valve opens


And there was a good deal of this kind of thought

With the idea of transcendence

This notion of being

But the confusion came about in a conflict within

Your creative consciousness to want to create

So how do you BE and CREATE at the same time?


And now there has been great effort in creating consciousness

And so you’ve come back to this dance of

Create to be, be to create, create to be, be to create

And you’ve taken the responsibility of making better choices

And you’ve reached for better feeling thoughts

And you’re developing practices

But there’s a practice that has not been fully understood

And so we’ll back away for a second and say

Suppose the path of ascendance

Is to expand into multi-consciousness

And for the person fully on that path                                          

This is something they can do

When experiencing less and less distraction

And yet there is a formlessness about it

That feels incomplete


And that is why on the other side of things

You give birth

You give birth to children with earthly needs

With present conditions

Because the role on earth is not to become ascended masters

As we’ve said many times it’s to become integrated

And so it is not about defying, transcending, just getting beyond

Needs, emotions, reactions

It’s about literally coming to the place where

There is no schism between emotions, needs, desires and creation.

There is no judgment


And yet how can this be when it is necessary

To stand up in the world?

And this is the great conundrum

When someone enters your world and acts unjustly

What is your recourse?

If all is ok?

And we’re all one?


It’s knowing that in that moment of calling out

To the one who hurts, who inflicts

That you are calling out to the hurt as well

That you call out to all pieces of that moment

That you touch accept acknowledge all pieces of that moment

Of that experience

Not one of them is more important or more whole or more forgiven


It is entering the consciousness with such complete saturation

That you embody hate

That you embody fear

That you embody injustice

That you embody the righteousness of their actions

And this is not just so you will feel better

It is essential that you’re not trying to feel better (laughs)

It is just the ecstatic immersion into those states of consciousness


In bringing together all of those harmonic tones

That is how you transcend to the next dimension

All of the vibrations together elevate you

Because you are vibrating the love of Christ Consciousness

In the same breath, as the hatred, and the misuse

And the pain and the betrayal and the woundedness


And so you truly all are things in all moments to all

As one being in one consciousness

And this is unity consciousness

It is not floaty boaty super hippy happy

It is the saturation of presence in totality

So that there is nothing but what we can only call



And in that sense, then, what Love really is,

Is Presence.

And the ultimate presence where creation, and being

Are one.


We are present with you

We come to you from the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe










Sheila GallienComment