What Really Happens To Us During Sex? And What Is Next?


Often the Heart Center starts the conversation by simply beginning to talk. Sometimes, I have a question. This week, I had a big question. Based on so many people I know struggling with the shifting patterns of intimacy, I wanted to know, "What really happens to us during sex? What is next, and how do we deal with it?” Here is their answer...

One other note, they bring up a "mousetrap creator". They are talking about Rube Goldberg...

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Good morning beloveds

We are so so happy that you asked this question

This question wrapped up in a word that you call sex

Which is such a funny little word

With attachments in so many funny little places

None of which are appropriate

For what it is (laughs)


We have a question of where that word even came from?

Because it is so far off from the experience

It’s as if somewhere along the lines

Someone acknowledged

Only these cave drawings

Of cave people

And observed not even three-dimensional

But two-dimensional functions

And called it this clinical thing


And we could go into all the different ways

Why it is such a hilarious and completely incompetent way

Of explaining what happens


So we would like to rephrase the question and say

What you are really asking about

Is union


And what happens when beings choose this union?

And what creates the power and the draw to go through the experience?


And we could at another time address this in the animal kingdom as well

Because it is much more profound than it is given credit for there

There is just not any judgment in the animal world (laughs) which does not make the union any less profound


So first lets talk about what draws the union together

Which is this intersecting web of lifetimes of choices

Of energies, of the very fabric of the universe,

Of electrical flow

Of energetic flow

Mmmmm there is something so intense about the engagement

Of energy and fluid

And your bodies are fluid

They are conductors

And all of these different energies combine and activate

For reasons that are as complex as all of creation

Which may have been simple once

But is now interconnected to countless infinite structures

Through a life force


And these beautiful—you can imagine…

Imagine those funny images of the mousetraps

Not the one that catches the mouse

But with all the complicated—the balls dropping and the wheels turning and

--We can’t bring up the name of that creator—

But all the little places that this little ball will go

And opening gateways and spinning and dropping and activating and triggering

Only imagine that with each drop and each wheel that is gone through

There is a reverberation out into the universe

From every single movement

And so this is the complexity with which you are dealing

And your awareness up to now

Has not even been on the journey of this mousetrap,

The complexity of this mousetrap


And so there is first an honoring that can take place

Of the profundity of this activation

That this is indeed spirit moving upon you

Every time these energies are activated

Every time that ball moves through the mousetrap

Whether it is literally a connection with two people on the street

When that electric shock passes through


And so your number one challenge

Is in the diminishment of the experience

Because you immediately begin to tell a story about where that should go

And you immediately want to hang on to it

Which of course everyone in a body understands

Because what feels better than that?


So to begin with

In the very beginnings of attraction

The very notion of attraction

You can think of it on a molecular level

On a subatomic level

It is a force (laughs)

And it does indeed in fact connect you transmute you change you affect you lubricate you activate you

And the human body is not yet equipped

For the number and intensity of interactions

That you now have

In fact it is growing new equipment (laughs)

New adaptations

And the way that you can do this

First and foremost

Is to bring yourself into those connections

And acknowledge them


And here is the piece that is still being figured out

Is how not to get lost in the circular mousetrap


Think of it in a way as if you are caught in a waterpark

And the power of this experience is so intense

And you are the water

That is being filtered and brought back up through the slides

And dumped down through the slides

And brought back up and dumped down through the slides

And the only thing that escapes is the evaporation

But you are held within this loop


When what would feel better

Is if you were the waterfall

And could then go on down the river

In the beautiful wilds of nature

And carve through boulders

And find yourself on this never-ending journey to the sea

Where then you become part of something greater

And the truth is this is already what you are

But oh the power of enough circulation


So this is just the very beginning of it


Now when you come together with someone

And imagine the connection lighting up through

All these different layers of your body

Levels of your body, levels of your being

When that connection takes place that feels inter-dimensional


We’ll take it all the way to the end

To the most profound experience you’ve ever had

And imagine all the ways that you are connected

And just sit for a moment to experience

Why it is not a mystery

That you feel so profoundly

But the real question is

Why doesn’t the other one feel with you,

For you, express it, understand it, be it, want it

All the things that they are

And this is coming back to the fundamental idea of union

And there is a bit of mystery here

That the brining together of life forces

Is creation


And while there is much much to be done

In the revelation of who you really are

And holding with that all that is already answered

There is also mystery

There is also the unexpected of creation

And part of the challenge is

Wanting the other person to stay within this closed system of yours

But the truth is they have their own system

And wanting this person, as you have seen in the movies,

To go along with a set ide of where this should go

Even though you know that’s an illusion


And so what we say to you is this new tool you’re developing

Is connected to your heart

And it’s connected through the pineal gland

It is, perhaps it is in part an ancient tool that is activated and being incorporated

With your current consciousness

And this consciousness is new

The vocabulary is new

And this is one reason there is the opportunity

For such profound transformation at this time

Because the level of creation is higher bigger more expanded more inside out more unveiled more explosive has more momentum than ever in history

You are the leading edge

And so there is an energy field surrounding you that is ancient

And there is also…

It is shaped a lot like a flying saucer

But, and, within this energy field

Is a new possibility within your heart for you to see each other

Like never before

And for you to offer to each other like never before

And when this offering begins to truly transpire

The closed systems will be broken

And what that really means for you

Because you will still be you

Is that the pain of the illusion will lessen


And so we want to put this back into human terms

This doesn’t mean that everyone will love one another openly

And that this will be one big fluid orgy (laughs)

What it means is that you will have, literally, the energetic and neurological equipment to absorb what is actually happening with you and to you

With another


And so, in the interim

See if you can honor the tremendous water parks around you (laughs)

And the water park within you

See if you can honor without judgment or shame

And while you’re at it, honor the judgment and the shame

While you’re at it, honor everything that comes through it

And ask yourself

Take the time to ask yourself

What each of these things shows you

And be willing to invite your beloveds to experience this with you

Including the beloveds you are beckoning

Be willing to hold everyone to this capacity

Be willing to recognize the enormity of what transpires

Whether or not the other person is still somewhere in the recirculating pipes


Be willing to ask for what you really want (in sex)

And we don’t mean just in pleasing

Be willing to ask, to understand and know, what’s happening

To honor it, and to ask your partner, no matter where and how you meet them or how long you will know them

To step into this field as well

So that you can

Practice this new equipment

We promise you that what you will experience

Will knock the socks out of that mousetrap


Ahhh, we are excited for you


And we come to you from the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe












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