What Is the Point? Why Now? And Why Me?

Aloha friends! The format of this channeling is a tiny bit different from recent posts. I am sharing it intact even though it has a few direct references to me, (because I asked the direct question--ha ha, "Why me?” and they LOVE to answer questions...)

I also asked, “What is the point of all these messages? “ and, “Why now?” I wanted a a clear way to answer when someone asks me, “so what is the point of this channeling you’re doing?” It takes awhile to get all the way to the core message, but it is a beauty. 


We’re really really excited (laughing) that you asked this question, all of these questions!


Our message…

Well there are many names for it…

Some people are calling it unity consciousness…

And we identified ourselves

As the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

Because we want you to know that we speak

From complete unity

That there is no separation

And we play with words and are careful with words

Because words, as we have said

Create separation


Now the reason we are here now?

The simple answer

Is that you,

And many many many many people

Are capable of activating and integrating

This kind of unity now


The energies have aligned

They are coming from so many different places

And so many different paths are leading here

Whether you are someone that studies

Ancient civilizations like Lumeria

Or who connects with ley lines

Or is walking back through indigenous cultures

Or sacred ceremony

Or whether or not you are starseeds

Or whether or not you are a walk-in

Or whether or not you are out of body...

People have been saying for a long time

That earth is the place it’s happening

And earth IS the place it’s happening! (laughs)

And it’s happening with a new earth


The energies are stronger and stronger and stronger

And we know that you feel them

And the truly cuckoo-ness of all of it

Is that everything you see happening externally

(A siren started howling in the distance)

Like the siren in the background

Feels counter-intuitive to what you are feeling and experiencing


And this is a perfect opportunity

(The siren continued, then finally faded)

As the siren passes

To see…

Can you still feel us?


And this is the practice

That we’re asking you to cultivate


It’s like, in great old stories...

Well and in great new stories...

This kind of eruption

From which emerges

A truer,

More beautiful,

More clarified,

More rarified



The reason that it is now

Is that the time is now

The time has been prophesied

The time has been welcomed

The time has been opened

The portal is here

So believe or don’t believe

But it is here


So that is the practical answer

To” why now?”


Now, “what is our message?”

Our message is that within each of you

There is an absolute, uncharted, eruptive capacity

It is--we don’t want to say it’s like an onion…

It’s more like the seed within you

Is being activated,

And there’s, like, a whole new species in there!


So if you imagine the seed of an orange

And within that seed is a depth of intelligence

And capacity

To be an orange unlike any orange

Ever experienced before

That is what is within you now

And that is what is being activated


And so we are encouraging you

To discover and uncover the depths of yourself

To know that what is within you

Is beyond your greatest imagination


And this is why we’ve given the steps

The eight steps to living and loving who you really are

Why we have given those through you

(*This is an article I am publishing soon)


And there are many other steps

Many other ways

Which one will work for the person who hears it?

Which one will activate it?

Which one will flip the switch, as you have had yours flipped?


This is our message

We are flipping switches!


And we want you to share in every form

That you know how

And some that you are just learning

Because you are a transmitter

And this is one of your gifts,

A capacity that you can’t even fathom yet


And so we come to you

Flipping switches!

Because you are of us

You are of unified unbroken unshakable

unbreakable immeasurable capacity

And the capacity is for love

And love

Is an action


We won’t so much say that it’s a verb

But even in just vibration

Just in existing

It is an action


And where love exists

Where love expands

There can be nothing else


And so as you embody this

As you flip your switches

And you embody this never-ending capacity

For the expansion of love...

Then love is all that there shall be

And THAT is our message


We’re so glad you asked


And we come to you

In our fullest capacity

From the heart center of the heart center

Of the universe


We love you

We love you

We love you






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