What Is the It Factor? (and May I Have Some Please?)

Aloha! A dear friend posed this question, and the Heart Center was all a-flutter answering it. If you have a question for the Heart Center, please send it on! They (and I) love it!

A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

Aloha beloveds

We are just tickled to get to answer this question

About the IT factor

The itsy bitsy IT factor

And we are almost giggling over here

Because from our perspective

Everything has the IT factor

But we know what you mean

And so we’ll try to speak about that

In terms of how it translates

In human form


We can’t help but compare it

Not just because of what is before you

What is around you

And what is always on your mind

But because it is such a perfect metaphor

We can’t help but compare it

To the ocean

To the waves of the sea

Because this is something that perhaps you can relate to

Which is that every wave is beautiful

Every wave is beautiful

And every wave is necessary

And every wave is part of all

And every wave comes from, in essence, the same place

And reaches, in essence, the same place

Which is from the wind to the water

To the transfer of energy as it travels across

To the full expression of its cresting self

As it washes along the water’s edge

And reaches to the shore


And then all the variety in the world

Plays upon that expression

How tall is it?

Is it laid back, or is it hollow?

How thick is it?

What’s the light like surrounding it?

Where does it touch the shore?

Does it crash upon rocks?

Does it reach a long sandy shore with its probing fingers?

Does it hurl across coral reefs?

Does it reach only secret destinations?

Is it witnessed by hundreds of thousands?

Or does it go completely unnoticed

Except for its own self-expression?


And so we suspect you get where we’re going here

Or maybe you do not

But we would say

In terms of how you are looking at it

And how you are judging it

Whether or not you have the IT factor

And how it is perceived

We would almost say

Although you will not like hearing this

That it’s a bit of luck

Luck is really the wrong word

But it’s the best way we can think of to explain that

It is not an effort on your part

It is not a choice on your part

It is not a failure on your part

It is not a victory on your part

Because your birth and your light

Is every much a part of the expression

Of this powerful cresting

Of this coming to shore

Of the energy that must come from source

And express itself in that last gasp of sea foam

As it tumbles across the sand

Or the coral reef

Or the rocks

Or the silent waterline


And yet what we think you’re really speaking to

Is that certain ones make a mark

They make a mark

And what about you?


And we would say to you

That this force of creation within you

Is inevitable

And would you not agree

As you look upon those who are in this life

Making such a mark, such a legacy

Would it not seem inevitable in some way

No matter what their struggle

Does their story not hold a certain inevitability?

I always knew she would

They always told me I wouldn’t but I always knew I would


And if you can

Let go of this moment at this time

Of what it needs to be called

Of your legacy, of your impact, needing to be named

Because you can also see how that energy

Sometimes implodes

And you cannot know the power of the unnamed

The impact you may have

As your wave stretches its fingers across the sand

The impact you may have

Of oxygenating that creature

That piece of fauna

That piece of flora

That could ignite a complete change of consciousness

And you cannot know the impact that you are having

When you are reaching fully

With all of your power

To your own inevitability


And so we ask if you could step back and look

At the miraculous beauty of it all

Imagine and look upon the various waves and ripples

And balances

Of everything that’s happening

Not just through the earth

But imagine through galaxies

Through universes

Through dimensions

If you could only imagine the symphony that’s being played out

The intensity and importance of every tendril


And so your responsibility

Is to step out of the comparisons

Your responsibility

Is to strip away the distractions

Your responsibility

Is to let the energy

Your own inevitability

Well up within you

What is it that feels inevitable to you

As if it must flow through you

Let it fill your body

Let it flow from you

And let it flow in the way

That it wants to flow through you

Which is not to mean that you can’t train yourself

For focus

That you cannot

for lack of a better word, improve

But this also should feel

Aligned and inevitable

For you


And what we want you to really hear and understand

Is the power and importance

Of the expression of energy

Through your own divine being

And your own divine role


And one thing we want you to consider

Is that next time

In another place

In another time

In another dimension

That big wave

Might be you

And this will be a skill you have

So you may not implode


But most importantly

If you can see IT in everybody

If you can see IT in every role

Then you can see IT in you


And we invite you to look in whatever mirror it takes

For you to see your IT factor

Because we see it

We see it loud and clear


And sometimes, it’s quiet

And sometimes, it’s timid

And sometimes, it’s pure

And sometimes, it’s sweet

And sometimes, it’s a warrior

And sometimes, it’s a jester

And sometimes, it’s a tender heart

And sometimes, it’s a wit

And sometimes it all blazes together

And blows through the human body

Like the Pipeline of waves

And sometimes

It falls in a quiet cave

Just gently lapping

Against the dark, lonely walls


And we love you so

We come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe