What Does It Really Mean To Be Embodied?

Photo by  Jeremy Bishop  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash


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Good morning, good morning, good morning

Well you know we begin to repeat ourselves

Because in so many ways it is always the same subject


And so we could have spoken of reluctance

And so we could have spoken of presence

And in a sense it may seem that these are opposite sides of the coin

And so maybe we could speak of trust


Oh we think we’ll speak today, really, about embodiment

Because embodiment is the absence

Of all separation from all other things

But the I am

That you are (laughs)


And so when you speak about reluctance

When you experience reluctance

And you cast about for the reasons

And the lessons

And the experiences

And the understanding

And the impetus

And the desire

And the motivation (laughs)

We invite you to just notice that you’re not in your body


And we speak of body

We mean the whole shebang

None of these different words

For all these different compartmentalized ideas of who you are

Mind body heart spirit soul


We mean the true embodiment

Of who you are from your most divine source

As expressed fully through every single entity (laughs)

Every single structure of your being

You are a divine structure on every single level

You are connected to every other divine structure

And it is your choice in consciousness that shapes

How you show up in the world

What is seen, what is perceived, as who you are

That is your free will, if you will

That is your spirit

That is your unique—

Well we don’t want to call it a blueprint, that sounds so static

But your unique…embodiment


And this is confused with being in a blissful state

But isn’t just about that experience of what you might call transcendence

That feeling beyond pain or pleasure

That feeling of unspeakable pleasure is really what you’re thinking about (laughs)

Because it is actually possible to fully embodied

And be uncomfortable


But what gives you the grace

Is the understanding that that moment

Is as divine

As embodied

As expressed

As profound

As any other


And you go looking for the ease

And think, this too shall pass…

But don’t be in such a hurry

Because everything really is

One moment of now connected to one moment of now

Connected to one moment of now


And so when you feel reluctant

It’s really a judgment about what you are feeling

It’s a judgment of where you are going

It’s a transmission of what you need to do

It’s a telescoping of some sort of meaning that hast to come out of

Whatever it is you’re reluctant to do

And so just bring that telescope back in (laughs)

Just retract it

Back from wherever it is looking


And recognize that the real looking glass is within you

That you may have within you a diamond faceted consciousness

From which you see all

It is unnecessary to send out a telescope

Or send up a periscope

To see what will happen (laughs)

Because you can’t know

As soon as you’re separate

And as soon as that periscope is out there

You’ve completely changed your direction


The trick is wondering, is presence, then, stillness?

Absolutely not.

Is creation stillness?


And so what does it take to be present?

We feel the word trust come in

Or the word faith come in

But again these are separations

If you trust, that means you are going across a gulf

That is not divinely supported

If you have faith, it is to imply

That there is something beyond the great I Am

They’re helpful constructs

But they take you out of the embodiment of your true power


So we invite you back into your body

But we invite you to see it truly with its magnificence

And we’ve spoken before of the transmutations going on

Within your physical body

Of the activation of the crystal grid

Of the crystalline consciousness

But this is not really a change

This is just the full expression of who you already are


And so the way to water that

The way to nourish that

The way to activate that

Is to come back within your body

With the sure certainty (laughs)

That you are God


And by that we mean

You are whole

And by that you mean

You are everything

And by that we mean

You are connected to all

And by that we mean

You are love

And by that we mean

You are loved completely


And so when you come back

Into your true embodiment

You are the essence of creation and love


And where there is this radiance

There truly can be none other


And we come to you through our own embodiment

Through your embodiment

Through all that is

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center of the Universe



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