What Does It Mean to Show Up For Yourself?

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Good morning, good morning, good morning,

Good morning!

Yes indeed,

We want to talk about showing up!


Showing up really is the idea

The physical manifestation


of embodiment

And literally

What other point is there than embodiment (laughs)?


Showing up is the reason you came

Showing up is the reason you have a body

Showing up is the reason for your journey


And so that’s more of the lecture part


But let’s talk a little bit about the mechanics


So what does it mean to show up or not show up?

How can you be not showing up in the world?

And isn’t’ there always a presence, no matter what?


And we would say absolutely there is no wrong way

It isn’t as if you fail

If you don’t listen (laughs)


If you think about transparencies. or animation

If you think about how cartoons are drawn, or used to be drawn

And you’ve got the first section of lines and sketches

And that’s just the idea of who’s coming through

But that being is still malleable and formable

And having a kind of experience

But isn’t fully in the experience yet


Then the color starts to saturate, and the lines

And the animation make the face and the body and the movements

And that is when the character really comes to life


And so then maybe the question is

What is the point of coming to life?

Isn’t it possible to just float through?


And we would say the point is really just a choice for you

Do you want to feel fully alive?

Do you want to show up in full color?

Or do you want to be at the whim

Of other peoples’

And other energys’

Interpretation of your life?


So in the pure mechanics of it

It’s a matter of filling yourself in with your own intention

Filling yourself in with your own agenda


Because when you’re truly connected with what feels like…

Hmmmm this gets tangly

Because there’s the idea of the divine agenda,

And that you are fulfilling your highest will…


But see these are definitely in alignment

And the way that you get closer to the divine

Is getting closer to yourself

Is stepping fully into yourself

And then there’s a relationship built

Of expression


But there are many deterrents and many distractions

To keep you from showing up fully for yourself


This is not the comfortable way

It may look shiny and happy on screen


We know this might be a bit trite

But the reason you look to champions

The reason you look to megastars

The reason you look to incredible performers

The reason you look to the best in their fields

As role models

Is because these people show up

Because they are full color


Now it gets confused that it’s about the money

Or the excellence

Or whatever outer forms of success they may have

But it’s not about that


And genuinely, although people who show up like that have goals

It is their presence, their full presence, that is their gift


And you get it confused with talent

So, as frustrating as it may be

To not be the most talented apparently among you

What will extract for you the most meaning

The most deliciousness

The most powerful experience

Is your full commitment and presence


And only after will there be a thought about whether or not it was enough


And when that thought comes up

Then you find another intention (laughs)

That feels in alignment with you


Now when we say alignment, we do not mean comfortable

Rarely will it be comfortable

It will feel resonant

It will feel perhaps shimmery

Perhaps dangerous

Perhaps frightening

It will not feel comfortable


But when you are in it

There will be an ease

That will let you know

That you are fully present

And that you have chosen well


So we would encourage you

To have this experience of showing up


The other effect is the presence of mind that it gives you

The complete filling of your consciousness

So that other distractions cannot pull you aside


And we would like to speak about the kinds of distractions

We’ll go a little down the rabbit hole

The distractions that are being created all around you

That are even ancient

That feel like programs

That feel like, you know those thoughts you think

When they don’t feel like you

The transmissions now available

Through the electronics

Through the mass consciousness

Through mass agreements

Pull you in so many directions

And could distract you forever

From being present


But at no time ever has it been more important

To be present

As these energies and changes happen here on the planet

And in your consciousness

This is your training ground

And whatever may come

Whether there is instantaneous change

Or gradual change

It is in your interest to practice choosing

Your own intention

Your own connection

Seeing with your own eyes and your own heart


In fact the irony of being present

Is that you may also be detached

Because when you are connected fully

With your own highest self

With your own divine will, if you will,

Then you are able to see when the game is afoot (laughs)


You are able, because you are so fully embodied

To not be affected by what goes on around you

And instead to be effective

To be effective in transmitting

A higher consciousness

In inspiring

Better choices


We wonder if certain criminals

Would cower in the sights of some of their idols?

We wonder if that energy could be so inspiring

That they would lose track of their own fear?


So how inspiring can you be?

How effective can you be?

In showing up for yourself?


And so the mechanics are this:

That you feel a sense of something that is you

And you ask for clarity about how you might make that step

And you listen

And you trust in what you receive

And then you show up

And you do it

Because it is an offering

Because it is your offering

To yourself


Because you ARE God’s gift to the world

And your embodiment of that presence

Of that gift

Is the most effective tool

In your own experience of fullness and joy

And in spreading that experience to others


And it is a kind of joy that is not

In juxtaposition to sadness

It is not in juxtaposition to anything

Because it is a fully permeated experience of expansion

And divine expression


It moves out any corners of doubt

It no longer exists in anything but unified consciousness

And in so doing you are also unified

With all those that are unified

With you


And so imagine the world

With all of that doubt squeezed out

By presence

And THIS is why you want you to show up (laughs)


And we come to you with great admiration

With tremendous love

With anticipation of what you will bring us next


From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe


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