What Do You REALLY Get If You Open Your Heart?

Photo by  Drew Graham  on  Unsplash

Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash


It was amazing connecting with some of you live on our first "Tuned In Tuesday!" Here is the text from that channeling from 9/12/17. If you would like to see the live video, follow the link at the end. Love and aloha to you all!

Good morning

So we would like to speak with you this morning

About what it means to open your heart

Because we think that some of you are a little confused


There’s a sense that the practice

Of opening one’s heart is to literally bare oneself open

So that anything and everything comes through it


Now it is true that when you are connected enough

It would be entirely possible to do this

Because when you are filled and connected with

The divinity and the light of pure love

There can be nothing else


But incarnate in your magnificent bodies

With the many layers that you experience

The flesh, the emotions

The different memories of incarnations

 Your DNA

The different ancestral experiences

The different filters that you’ve created,

You’re not here to walk around as a beacon of pure light

You are here to experience life and to expand it

And to expand your own consciousness of it

And to expand the conscious experience of creation


And sometimes you’re opening the heart

Is really a kind of a defense

Where you think if you  open your heart

It will cease to have any pain

But the avoidance of any kind of pain (laughs)

Whilst in a body

Is a little bit futile


What you can seek instead is understanding

What you can seek instead is the exhilaration of knowing another

And so when we say to open your heart

We come back to this image we give you

Of the heart superhighway

That you are in this time building a superhighway

Of the heart

The intelligence of the heart,

The structures of the heart

That are no longer driven from the brain

But heightened and--

--More as if they are like hyper-drive controls

That when guided by the heart

The brain becomes a powerful tool of creation


So this superhighway is formed

We want to say on a fearless vibration

And in opening your heart and leading with your heart

You are seeking LIKE

You are opening—and this is real—

A crystalline structure within your own being

It has always been there

But it is cracking open now


And you feel it, if you really look at what comes through

On your news and social media

If you look beyond the tragedies and disasters

If you look beyond the argument

What you see is a phenomenal upwelling of love


If you look beyond the ones who are so paralyzed by fear

What you see is a powerful upwelling of understanding

It comes very much through the animals on the planet now too

Who are more than ever communicating inter-species

Befriending inter-species


And those that are waking up to this kind of connection

Are understanding that

All of creation is more alike than not alike

And so when we say to open a heart

It is going to become imperative that you open your heart

To those who seem as if they have none



And recognize that even within them

There is a crystalline structure

Even within them, they have the capacity to love

They may not love you

They may not love very much

And we’re not saying that you need to go embrace them

As they spew their heated and hate-filled remarks

But energetically, we are saying you must look for what is like within them

Find out, if by opening your heart to YOUR greater consciousness…


(And this is really what we mean by opening your heart

That it is becoming a greater consciousness

It is not to walk around mindlessly, beatifically, with a silly smile on your face

As if you did not see

The fact is you see more)


And if you can take, just a moment

If you can take a moment, seconds

Before you flip the switch into anger

Or even after (laughs)

Before you flip the switch into fear

Which creates your own hatred

If you can take just a moment

And open your heart

To those people

Who have frozen around you

And look within

See if you can connect

To their most divine being


In doing that, you can create a chain reaction

You can create a chain reaction with all that you touch with this


So opening your heart

Is a process of expanding your own consciousness

And the understanding that everyone is playing out

Their own divine role


We have seen this with people who have been so deeply wronged

And in this case, they cultivate forgiveness

Because they know that the love in their hearts

Is the only thing that can ever change


Now this is an old message (laughs)


But we hope that you can see it from this perspective

That it is your own practice that matters

It is your own expansion that matters

It is your own strengthening

In your standing as an expanded, divine being

You literally send reverberations through every like entity

And since you are connected to everything and everyone

You send those reverberations to all creation

To those who are paralyzed by hate

To those who are just waking up

It is not incomprehensible that the most confused and angry person

Could have an awakening

And it could be a person in power (laughs)


But more than anything

This is a matter of your own expansion

And understand the impact that you can have

And if you doubt it, imagine those in your life

That you may not even know

Who have had tremendous impact on you

By standing in their incredible creative capacity


And so we mix that around a lot

Opening, creativity, expansion, love, activation

Because we are here to create

We are creating through you

We are all one

You are here to create

And create moment to moment

It isn’t always something you can hold in your hands

But you can create an emission within yourself

An emission within others

And never doubt the capacity for complete and utter transformation

Through the opening of hearts


So when you open your heart

Realize that you are cultivating magnificence

That you are living in dignity

That you have compassion

And also compassion for yourself


And it’s not that you need protection--

Because when your heart is truly connected

There’s’ nothing that can harm you--

But it’s because what you’re drawing from this

Is your own power

And through that power comes the ability to discern

What you will truly allow into your consciousness

And what you won’t

It’s really a matter of focus

It’s not that somebody can zap you, or bring you down,or…

And there are people so empathic that you feel that kind of energy

But you’ll get to choose your focus

And as a connected, divine, empowered creator

Focus is easy for you! (laughs)

With a little practice


And so we ask that you appreciate this incredible superpower that you have

Of opening your heart with consciousness, connection, creation

Compassion, empowerment, discernment

And know that you are connected

And that we are building a superhighway of love

And that miracles happen

And that from you,

anything can flow

And we come to you

From the heart center

Of the heart center

Of the universe

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