What Are Triggers? And What Do We Do With Them?

Photo by  Ismail Niyax  on  Unsplash

A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

Good morning, beloveds

Well, we love that you,

In this society and this time,

Have called these “triggers”

And there could be no better image

For the society in which you now live

Where your responses are instantaneous and available

In so many different formats

Much like the weapons

That you have all created in this time


And we love that you are recognizing

That these pieces are not quite part of you

But that they are in fact accessories

That they are something you can wear

And ultimately take off


And yet it is not that easy

Because this has been honed

Over many hundreds of thousands

Of years of development

What has come up to this moment

And this accessibility


So we want first to celebrate for you and with you

That all of this is so accessible

That your humanity is so accessible

That for lack of a better concept

All that came with the Fall is so easily


And transparent

And seeable

And feelable

And actionable

Everything that is separate from

Your oneness with the divine—


We love that you now understand

It is not a battle between good and evil

That there is only the divine

And there are those things

That are byproducts of disconnection

Just as a trigger requires a limb to reach it

Your own triggers require this separation


And so there are two parts to this experience

The first is the feeling that arises

And the second is the thought that arises

And we could even say a third part

Which is the action

So you’ve got the feeling

And then the thought

And then the action

And what you’ve been working with

Is how to change the thought

And change the action

And this is very admirable and useful

But what you are really asking about

Is what IS the feeling?

And is it possible to change that

On a fundamental level

Or perhaps the real question is

Is it possible to change its frequency? (laughs)


And what we would like to observe for you

Is that some of these feelings feel very good

And they feel very familiar

And they feel very tribal

Some of these feelings attribute to a sense of belonging

And so the same feelings that make you feel

Less than




Pushed away

Also make you feel

A part of


In relationship to others

And so you are on this constant rollercoaster

Of those feelings that feel good

And those feelings that feel bad

In relationship to others

And all of these triggers

Are in and about relationship with others

Whereas when you come back to relationship

Wholly with yourself

There is no such thing


And so perhaps the question is

How does one stay in relationship with oneself

In the presence of others?

Ha! This has been the question all along, has it not?


Well the first piece we’re going to suggest to you

May sound counterintuitive

Because ultimately what you’re looking for is connection

But the first piece that we would say to you

Is to stop compromising

And let us explain what we mean by that


We invite you to get to know your own being and body so well

Your own energy and alignment so well

That with anything that begins to alter and impinge your essence

You simply step away

And we could say this on many different levels

That you step away in a physical place

And you step away in a spiritual place


And here is the challenge

Because the temptation will be

To align this with a sense of rightness

With a sense of rigidity

With a sense of protection

But we encourage you instead

To find access to this

Soft glowing center of your being

This heart center of your heart center

That is in complete and total and eternal alignment

With the love of creation


And so how do you do this in the heat of the moment?

And how do you honor this “trigger?”

And we would say

That it is by wholly loving and accepting it

In its moment

And we have spoken to this in some way before

But that the only way you will ever get

To truly connecting with one another

Is by complete acceptance of yourself

And all that is coming up with you

There is no possible way that you can accept another

In a true and unconditional form

Without accepting and loving all that arises within yourself

And it isn’t a “this, then that”

So we’re not saying

If this person irritates you

Or upsets you

Or demeans you

That you love those demeaned parts of yourself

So that you can then love that other person

Because it may not transfer to that person

And it may not be accurate or appropriate to do so

Because that person doesn’t get a pass in their behavior

Just because you’re loving those parts of yourself

That you recognize are being triggered

Those parts of yourself that you know are temporary

Those parts of yourself that you can ultimately release

Those parts of yourself that are not completely divine

But because you are living in a human body

And having a human experience with your divine self

These are tools that you want to develop

So you love yourself completely through this

You welcome and experience those feelings

But they are, in the moment, for you

Not for the other


And when the time is right

And through this process

You will be able to love and accept others

For all of their experiences

But this does not mean

That you keep people around you

Or acknowledge or condone behavior

That dismisses, demeans, demolishes, impinges you


So what we mean when we say don’t compromise

Don’t put up with that behavior

The trick is finding a place within yourself

Where you can speak your truth

Without needing for them

To be any different

And to know that there is no way

To keep them in your orbit

Without them choosing to be so


And this is how you change the core feeling over time

Because that feeling no longer has a message for you

And your own integration

Your own ability

To stand in your own truth and authenticity

Becomes so fluid

That it isn’t necessary

To reach for a trigger anymore


It will take some time

And we are here with you

Each step along the way


And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe