We're All Strangers in this New World, How Can We Feel Like Friends?


A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

Aloha beloveds

We’d like to talk with you today

About coming home

About the sense that many of you are having

Of this imminent arrival


And in the midst of this pull

And this sense of assurance of arrival

Is the experience of pandemonium

Of even panic


We’d like to speak to you about the division you might be feeling

About the sense of coming into a long dreamed of

And anticipated

And created reality

One that you have agreed on inter-dimensionally

With so many other souls

And yet as you arrive here to the party

You feel as if you might be in the wrong place


Because although everything in your being

Is telling you you’ve arrived

Everything in your being

Has a new sense of homecoming

You don’t necessarily feel surrounded by your peers


It’s almost as if they’re a little bit impostor like

They speak many of the right words

They come clearly from the heart, and yet

And yet, you somehow can’t all find each other


And what we invite you to do in this moment

Is to recognize that the party is just starting

And that each of you is arriving after a long journey

With so many other references

So many other experiences

And while there is the sense that you are home

You have not yet taken off the armor

As if you’ve come from warring tribes

Even those that have spoken the same language,

But there’s been an undercurrent of conflict

And you have not found a common table


And we want you to feel energized

By the complications that you feel

Instead of being discouraged

So we’d like to step back

And address this feeling

You may be experiencing

Of…we would say stranger in a strange land…

But that is something you are accustomed to


You’re accustomed to the feeling that you are from somewhere else

You’re accustomed to the feeling of putting on the layers to get by

You’re accustomed to the feeling of seeing what others don’t see

But what you’re not accustomed to

Is coming into a roomful of others

Who have had a similar experience

And yet they are in themselves from different lands


And instead of you finding a grouping of your star people

Or your people from wherever you have come from

What you are finding is a grouping of people from all over

From all over the universe

From multiple dimensions

From different lifetimes

And you’re all in this together

With the same sense of homecoming

And yet you have not quite found a way

To be with each other


Now some of you are faking it

Some of you have found enough of each other

And been comfortable enough to recognize connection

Many of you know that there is a kinship

And yet the ease that you expected to come

Has not quite come


And so we invite you to look around this marvelous party

And to deeply and truly appreciate the strangeness

Of all that are with you

And to recognize their own journey

In trying to find a way to connect


We encourage you to lift each other in this way

To be amused by each other

To be transparent to each other

To not expect of each other

To get there faster than you can

To know that each of you is called to this homecoming

To create this vibrant new world

That you are already home

And yet, just as, in any family

In any community

There is a bristilng

And a misunderstanding

And a sense of not belonging

You bring with you these experiences

And here you have expected this transition into utter harmony

But you do not quite yet have the language to be with one another

That language takes place on an energetic level

So quickly, so transparently

You’re communicating at such a rapid pace

But you’re tangling up in old expectations


We invite you to be comfortable with your fear

We invite you to be comfortable with your discomfort

We invite you to delight in the miracle taking place

We invite you to be wrong

We invite you to be clumsy

We invite you to have humor with one another

And more than anything

We invite you to remember when you are triggered

When you are ill at ease

That this being may have traveled form the other side of the universe

And may be used to seeing nothing but coyote heads

On their deepest level

And here you are…

A bunny


So allow yourselves time to absorb and truly see what you see

Allow yourselves time to accept what you see

And here is what we’re feeling the most of

Is an impatience with one another

 A judgement of one another

And we do not ask you to drop your discernment

Because there certainly are those that would practice deception

But we invite you to know that you will know this

And instead to look about the room of weirdoes

Like that bar in Star Wars

Where everybody, once unmasked, in their fabulous differentness

Can find a place to connect


We invite you to not confuse unity consciousness

With a lack of individuality

What you are bringing together and elevating

Is a higher conversation

What you are elevating is a higher level of functioning

For lack of a better scale

For a leg up

So that differences don’t deteriorate

But ultimately inspire


So frankly, bluntly

If you feel someone is full of shit

Celebrate in your awareness of this

And yet be willing to look at them

As somebody traveling from far away

Be willing to look at them with fresh eyes

With your whole senses in tact

You don’t have to worry about being fooled

You don’t have to worry about being hurt

We invite you to look at them as travelers from afar

And from there, ask yourself

Does this person want to have a conversation?

Does this person want to engage?


And remember that the engagement now

Is not always in words

Bu the engagement comes from the heart

That it comes through images

That it comes so quickly

You may have already had the conversation

Before you even connect

And so if there is awkwardness

If there is silence

If there is nervous banter

Be open to the fact that you may have already connected

And that their awkwardness and your nervousness

Or your judgement

May have nothing to do

With the real conversation taking place

But more to do with the lack of practice


So we invite you to celebrate this homecoming

Of beings and souls

From the greatest journeying that’s ever been

Converging upon this beautiful glorious planet

We invite you

Above all

To raise the conversation

To open to the possibilities of the beings around you

So that all of you

Are able to create the home that you are called to


We are just in awe of some of the costumes that we see

You are all magnificent

And we come to you from the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe

We love you so