We Want You to Come Back to Your Power

Now the most difficult thing about this
Is seeing others
And knowing they are you

So we want to speak to you today about power




Could there be a less understood word?


Power over

Power with

Power from

Power about

Power within

Power outage




We would like to speak to you more

As power THROUGH

Power AS


But we want to look at the world you live in


Power is not in the hands of your leaders

Often in part, because they’re not really your leaders

They are people who have plugged into a grid

And a group consciousness

That with enough mass and momentum

They can literally influence

The seeming realities of others

Of people who have chosen that collective

Who have chosen a certain belief


But they are not YOUR leaders

Unless you adhere to that collective belief

And we suspect you don’t…


Now the trick is

You cannot simultaneously recognize and not recognize

A collective belief

Invest in and not invest in it

And so it feels, to many, irresponsible

To not be invested in this collective belief

That may include the hot political issues of the day


Energy exploration

And so in this sense we’re not asking you

To disconnect from your own knowing

Of the planetary environment

We’re not asking you to do anything

We’re asking you to observe that there is

A collective agreement

That the trajectory is a certain way

And that it requires certain kinds of actions


And what we see

Is the desires of the assorted groups are so different at this point

That there’s not enough understanding

To come to any sort of meeting place or connection

So it’s as if you’re living in different worlds


So we want to come back to power


You really have no idea of the immensity of your power

You are amazed when you hear stories of instantaneous healings

Of miracles

But this IS who you are(laughs)

And your power comes from your acceptance

Your honorable acceptance

Of your capabilities

And your responsibilities


We invite you to step into your power

And from that place of power

You will begin to see

The enormous gifts, and the enormous responsibility

Of miraculous acts


We know that you are more afraid of your own power

Than you are of others


That saying, “power corrupts, and ultimate power corrupts ultimately”

Lives at the heart of your powerlessness

Because what you see is models of..hmm..they’re like “Ken dolls” of power

They’re, they’re just puppets of power


In religion. you could call it evil

But they’re puppets that gather tremendous momentum

From the fear of the collective

And people who have lost their own powerful connection

So when they see an icon, who will fulfill that connection for them

And take that responsibility out of their hands

They flock to them


We want you to take your own responsibility

And the first step in this is not marching in the streets

The first step in this is acknowledging

That you are divine, limitless, omnipresent, omniscient being

You are OF creation

And you ARE creation

And you ARE creator


Now the most difficult thing about this

Is seeing others

And knowing they are you

The most difficult thing about this

Is bringing those parts home to you

The fearful






These are, in Abraham’s words, pinched off people

They’re pinched off from source

And we would say, just simply, that they’re cut off


But you cannot hope to live in a better world

Without taking the responsibility of knowing them

Of knowing them within yourself

Of knowing that they’ve created a paradigm that is limited


And then think of what opens you

And opens your mind and heart

Is it somebody telling you you’re wrong?

Or is it feeling heard? And seen?


So we want you to take your power back to yourself

We want you to take your responsibility back to yourself

We want you to command those pieces of yourself and your consciousness

That are flitting around the world

We want you to command that they return to you

In love

So that you can know them

So that you can recognize them

So that you can expand them


True power is radiance

True power is the ultimate connection

The ultimate creation

True power is omniscient

True power is omnipresent

True power is all loving

Because it sees and knows all

Holds all

Is all


We want you to come back to your power


And we come to you

With all of ours

From the heart center of the heart center of the universe