We Invite You to Skip the Part Where You Burn Down Your Life to be Reborn


This one is a little heady in the beginning, so don’t work too hard…the fun part is towards the end. Lots of love!

A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

Good morning beloveds

Today we want to speak to you about rebirth

About the ideas of rebirth and transformation

And the relationship of those ideas to one another


You tend to imagine rebirth as a kind of fresh awakening

As seeing the baby come from the womb as the newborn

But we would like to invite you to imagine

All that has ever been being reborn

With rebirth

And in that sense,


Following that law of physics that energy only morphs from one form to the next,

Is a rearrangement of what’s already been


But the thing that we would add here

Is that piece of mystery

This idea we want to separate between transformation and rebirth

And ultimately join


Because perhaps when something is scorched or destroyed

And the idea of rebirth comes in

It is often mixed with the idea of transformation

And transformation stops short of the infusion of sacred breath

To give it new form

Transformation is simply the changing form one form to another

And perhaps you could say that the impetus for change

Was the sacred breath

Or you could simply say that it was the blueprint of its creation


But with rebirth

You have a mixture of things

You have everything that has ever been

And you have something new

You have this ignition of the divine

From nothing to something

And so it works with all that’s ever been

To create an entire new universe

Each time


We don’t want to get mired in the philosophy

Of where life begins

For the butterfly, does it begin as a caterpillar,

Or does it begin as a butterfly


So what does this mean for all of you?

Does it mean that you can draw new divinity within this incarnation?

Does it mean that the divine breath infused you when you were born

And the form that you are in now can’t be wholly transmuted?

Are you a butterfly?

How many butterflies can you be?

And when you’re no more a butterfly, what are you?


What we invite you to experience is that the breath within you never stops

And the moment that you came into this form

That divine breath is flowing

So that you can create any form you want

And you don’t need to die and be resurrected

And this the real meaning of the death and the resurrection

The idea that Jesus has died and been resurrected

Because all has already died and been resurrected

Life has died and been resurrected

And you are the resurrection


And from this life, you can create heaven on earth

You can create the universal experience of love

You can create the communal experience of connection

By living as your own resurrected body

By living as your own rebirth

And to know that you don’t have to die again

Even metaphorically

Within this lifetime

That you don’t have to go through the crushing defeats

Although they may arise

That you can, from right here



And so in practical terms

We have watched you

And we see that it seems easiest

For those to transform the big transformations—what we are calling rebirth—

After a huge crushing blow

That some are extinguished by this

But many experience the phoenix from the ashes

And we want you to know that it is not necessary

To be this scorched or this burned


If you are, have heart, and know that you feel closer to the divine breath of creation

You are not cluttered anymore with the outdated forms that you have created

So that now you can connect with the rawness of your divinity


But let go the idea that the apocalypse is necessary

For heaven to spring forward

That your own disasters are necessary

For you to create and love one another

We invite you to lift off

From the zone of okayness

We invite you to uncork your access to divine creation

Without causing or creating or being part

Of a disaster in the world or in your own life

That you can elevate everything right now


We notice that some of you feel more alive

During this experience of crisis

And this is a rhythm of the earth

We just really want you to know

That although that is one way to do it (laughs)

It is okay to do it from your cruising speed

All you have to do is roll down the window

And feel the rush of the divine


We love you so

And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe