Train Like an Athlete for True Freedom (and True Abundance)




How to Train for True Freedom, and True Abundance

So I was watching a video last night of a man who was so filled with rage in Texas and he was going after this Arab family and saying, “Trump will keep you out.” Of course in social media, well, there are a lot of emotions right now, but the ones that I am specifically asking about are rage and fear. And these manifest, of course, in our personal lives and I believe what’s happening now I all of these un-integrated patterns are coming up to the surface.  And we see it on all possible levels, but of course it’s the most intimidating on a global level, when you have people with legal jurisdiction and illegal jurisdiction and missiles and guns. But I feel it also personally, in my own world, and have made a persona commitment to working through my own patterns—and that’s what they feel like is patterns—of anger, fear, helplessness. So, in asking the best possible question…well, what is the best question that we can ask around fear, helplessness, around injustice and anger, what are the questions we can ask to bring us in alignment, to bring us trhough the gateway to the new world?

Well, we say it a lot (laughs)

The very first place to go is breath

The very first place to go is SPACIOUSNESS

When you give anything spaciousness

When the winds of heaven can dance around it

You have a chance


So what you’re really asking first is

How do you make the DECISION to create spaciousness?

How do you make that a practice?


The first thing we want to say is

There’s a gentleness that you can bring to yourself

Now we are a creator consciousness

We are creator beings

And of course nothing is more creative than the feminine

We invite you to bring in a great mother




We invite you to do this first


We want you spend a minute, or two

Observing what happens when you go to this place (fear or anger)

It doesn’t necessarily have to be thinking (your contemplation)

But see if you can imagine the condition of your body

Does your head feel congested?

Does your stomach hurt?

Does your blood race?


And choose a time, the most recent time that you felt this

Take yourself to that point just before it happened

And even if you can’t remember exactly what it felt like

Make a commitment right now, that when you feel it again

You will notice it


And this is what we need to say first

Is that this is a process

This is a practice

this is THE practice

This is the ONE

This is everything


And you can’t spend too much time on it

Meaning it is THAT important

You can drop everything else you are doing

And if this is part of YOUR patterning

You can choose this

You can pick this first


And we’d like to say that one simple recognition will shift it

And that’s possible…

It might be more likely that it takes practice


So take yourself to that moment

The best that you can remember

And ask yourself, were you past the point of WANTING to feel better?

In other words, had you already gone to the point where

The anger, the rage, the hurting felt better than the not hurting


And if that’s the case

Then take a step back

And try to feel the next thing before


See if you get a picture

Let it be anything

Doesn’t have to mean anything

Any kind of quality that you can recognize


Maybe your mind was trying to solve a problem

Maybe your mind was too busy

Think of the activity you were doing

Whether it was driving, packing, getting ready for work, making lunches

Whatever you were doing—

And now--

Remember what was in your mind

What was your mind doing?

How many things were you doing at once?


We think there is a really good chance

That if not right in that moment, but in the moments before…


Well let’s take this other seemingly very different example

Of this man on the beach in Texas

Who was there, one would think, to enjoy himself and relax

And what triggered him was this Arab family on the beach


And so what might have gone on in his head?

The work pressures, the threat of economical frustrations?

The rhetoric of jobs being taken by foreigners?

The solving of a crisis in his own family?

Whatever series of events led him to this moment…


But in his mind, rather than being connected

To the love and source and beauty all around him

He was at the edge of crisis

Of trying to solve something

Maybe this was a vacation he planned…


Maybe he always feels on the precipice of collapse


And so this is really what we want you to see

Is you are always feeling on the precipice of collapse of some kind

You have always been spinning to the point of near madness

You have been marching along trying to solve unsolvable problems


And the reason this is so often caught up around money

Is because nowhere do most people feel more powerless than around money

It is the dominant conversation in most people’s minds

It is implied visually constantly

If you watch television, look at ads

Everything is a representation of what can be accomplished through money

When people talk about health care (crisis), it’s a collapse of money,

It’s a shortage of money


And this is really a shortage of connection


You see, you have built this world based on this idea of security

That you can buy your way out of change

That you can buy your way out of aging

That you can buy your way out of loss

That you can buy your way out of rejection

That you can buy your way out of death

And so what this reaction is

Is the terror of change

The terror of the unknown


And your mind has been filling itself

With endless strategies to STOP change

And in that moment when you feel yourself lose control

It’s when there is a breaking open of the fact that you cannot stop change

You cannot stop loss

You cannot stop other people, exactly

And your body floods with these fight or flight hormones (laughs)

Your brain floods, your heart races

And you ATTACK


So we want you to train like an athlete

We want you to train in connecting with the unchanging all-knowing all-loving presence of creation

And the simplest way to that, is through breath

It’s like a stop sign


(Man comes through humming…Okay that was funny, I had a…this new place is a little more populated, had this really funny man who was cruising down the pathway humming and I surprised him and we had a conversation…So I am going to open back up and trust that wherever we’re picking back up is where we’re picking back up.)


 So it’s ironic that we were talking about athletes because the man who just came by had a very strong training ritual


So we want you to TRAIN for this

To train for connection

To train for spaciousness


And where this terror is coming from, as we said,

Is this terror of change

Of losing control


And, you know, there’s really only ever been one answer to this

Which is (hmmm)

The only place to rest

Is in the consciousness of God, of love, of the Divine,

Of the perfect expression,

That we are always creating and that you are so deeply loved

That, you are imminent

You are emanating

You are endlessly capable

The divinity that flows through you is your birthright

You have always access to the presence of love

You have always and constant 24/7 round the clock access to perfect divine love


And so we want you to develop a program to practice this

Now if the breath does not resonate with you

Maybe something that will get you to breathe?

This is why running is good, walking is good, yoga is good

But those are longer practices

What we need you to concentrate on, focus on and train for

Is the shift


And the way you do this is by doing it the first time


So make this commitment to yourself right now

The next time you feel—(rage building)

That you will feel the build up of what’s coming to plague you

Because you are a multi-dimensional being

You will feel it before it happens

It will have already happened

And as that comes to you

Take note of the signals

And take note of when in this process you can make a choice

Because if you get to the point of that “killing” energy (laughs)

You’re past the choice

And you won’t WANT to make the choice


So where in the process can you make that choice?

And THIS is the place to practice


Now we want you to do lots of preparation

We want you to lots of self-care

We want you to have strong wellness rituals

Spiritual wellness

Spiritual fitness

Physical fitness


But it’s really all training for the MOMENTARY choice

That you can choose moment by moment to have your divine connection

To be a radiant being of love

Think of it as extreme spiritual fitness training

The X X games


And begin to shape your life in that way

That everything you’re doing is building stamina

That everything you’re doing is building your toolbox of conscious connection

Because THIS is the pathway to real abundance,

To real wealth

To real connection

When you no longer have to live in terror of change

When you know that no matter what you are feeling

That you are still loved and connected and

In another moment…

You’ll have another choice


This is the hardest to do in suffering

And sometimes the suffering will take you to another incarnation

And so what we’re asking you to do

Is recognize the boundless love

We’re not asking you to feel..

Uh…how do we say this…


The feeling of happiness is not necessarily the measure

Of connection, abundance and love

It’s spaciousness

It’s free will

It’s the ability to choose how you will engage


Feel in the moment

What you will think about

What you will focus on

How you will treat yourself

How you will treat others

THIS is freedom


It’s not a billion dollars in the bank

It’s not even perfect health

Freedom is freedom moment by moment

And for this, we want you to train


And so we come to you with everything

From the heart center of the heart center of the universe







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