The True Language of Connection (A Message From the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe)

The No Name Revolution of the Heart (Channeled Message)


This is a message from the heart center of the heart center of the universe.

There is much "gobbledegook" and so much excitement now! The important thing is to be aware of what words ARE and ARE NOT.

This heart center of the universe cannot be named. Just as it cannot be timed. "Now" is not just a concept or a word but simply IS. As soon as it is named, it is no longer now.

Likewise, as soon as "source" or any such thing is named, it becomes separate from itself. It is not sacrilegious or improper or any such thing to call it by a name, it is only that the act of naming separates from the experience.

Imagine that the heart center flows through you, and you are a creative being, and you are constantly growing and creating. The flow comes through you like an irrigation system, a drip system. Each expression is connected and unique. Each causes a spark of recognition and a chain reaction.

You must forget what you knew because it is direct experience that causes growth, only it is happening in the now. It is true in a sense that it has already happened, but again timing, like naming, is just a construct.

Constructs are fun! We love to build! Building and creating is what we are all about, all the time.

But imagine that you are working your drip system, and you round the corner, and the hose gets pinched. You are suddenly cut off from the flow, but you may not even know it, because you still have water dripping out of your system.

Eventually, you begin to just replicate and react. Your creations, your own bodies, no longer have the language of connection. They have only the language of separation.

It is where we draw boundaries and borders and can no longer understand each other.

The babel fish, the true language of connection, comes directly from source and it is the language OF THE HEART. Your hearts are equipped with a neurological network that can communicate to anyone or any being or anything.

It isn’t the feeling you recognize as love, necessarily. It is not euphoric or giddy or benevolent. It is that feeling of timelessness and connection. That moment of recognition that nothing can be separate from any of us and we are all one.

The key piece is that SOURCE is the language of connection.

Sheila GallienComment