The Purpose of Being Present in These Times


Good morning, beloveds

Today we urgently want to speak to you about


The unpeeling, unfurling, unwrapping, opening

Of timelessness

That is happening all around you

And within you

And through you


We wish to wrap you in a loving container

Of this presence

Oxymoronic as it may be

That it can enfold from without

And unfold from within

As you are wrapped in the waves of love and lift

And brilliance

Like a flower that is held

From the sun and the soil and the air around it

You are blossoming


And as such the old structures

That have seemed to support you

Are falling away

But do not be afraid

Because it is the cataclysm of these beliefs

Of these collective agreements

Of limitation


Of illusory control

These are but the scaffolding

Of what you have imagined to be a liftoff

Like the towers that hold a rocket

These are falling away

When in actuality

One can lift without the scaffolding

And, indeed, without the rocket


Instead, focus on what is unfolding within

These collapses and erosions

Look in catastrophe to the love and innovation and community

That is rising up within you

This is the gift

And it requires nothing but your presence

With the unfoldment

Likewise the witnessing of transgression

Experienced in some parts of the world right now

The light that is shining upon

Bear witness to the unfoldment

And seek out the lifting and support

That is breaking open

That is suddenly visceral


Like that same flower that was perhaps once

In a tiny pot in a terrace in a city

Suddenly can feel the wind of the meadows

And feel the nourishment of the soil from its deepest source

And feel the light of the sun

And feel the love from the hands that planted it

And feel the connection to source

As the illusions have dropped and shattered away


Now we often speak of focus

And we always want to give you the tool

The way to keep choosing

So we ask you just this

We invite you to just do this

Through this next season

Just be with the unfoldment

Allow yourself to see and feel the layers and the power of it


This takes no special practice

This takes no immersive meditation

This takes nothing except spending that one moment

Perhaps when you first open your eyes

Or at any time in the day

At any moment when the commotion is rising

Just take that breath

And see if you can’t feel into the depth

Of what’s unfolding

Just by experiencing it


If there is pain in your life

This is not the same as sitting with the pain

There’s a subtle shift

Because you are not identifying AS the pain

You’re identifying as the miracle

That is unfolding within it


If there is a gift in your life

Then once again

It is not the gift you identify with


What we are wanitng you to see

Is what is bubbling up

What is pushing in a sense

All of this creation

Imagine lava pushing up from the earth’s surface

And how everything it touches reforms

Imagine water pushing up through the earth’s surface

And how everything reforms

Imagine golden light pushing up through the earth’s surface

Transforming everything it touches


It is from this inside-out-ness that we invite you to see


You have already the capacity

To see AS this force

To see not as the layers around it

But to see from its very center

And if you’ll take the time every day to practice this

In tiny moments

You cannot help but live at a richer higher vibration

You cannot help but see moments at a time

From the creator consciousness

And this portal

Though it has always been here for you

Is widening

Is illuminated

Is easily recognizable

And so where you see movement of any kind

Sit with the unfoldment

And feel how easily you touch the source of all

How easily you become the Christed consciousness

The creator consciousness

The Sophia consciousness

The I Am


Never has it been this accessible

And each time you touch it

You become it more

You expand it more

You become who you really are


How glorious you are

How infinite you are

How amazing, indeed, to create what’s next

We are here for the ride

And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe


We love you so







Sheila GallienComment