The Magic of Receiving: How You Can Give Everything Without Giving Anything At All

Photo by  Jay  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jay on Unsplash

A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

Good morning beloveds

Yes today we would like to speak with you

About receiving

We would like to show you the circuitry

The mechanics of what transpires

When you receive

So that you might understand

The alchemy of its experience


We’d like you to imagine

The world under the sea

And those creatures

You might have seen on nature shows

Whose spindly tentacles

Anchored from the rock

Reach towards the light


You might also like to picture

The delicate chutes of a tree

In a canopied forest

With the sunlight drawing upwards

And now imagine

And now bring your own self

To this place

Whether you are under the sea

Whether you are in the forest

Whether you are in a clearing

Whether you are in an open meadow


And imagine lifting your arms

And lifting your heart

To the sun

And let your fingers outstretch

Let them reach

And open

And relax into the warmth

Of the sun

And feel the ignition of this light

Feel the warmth

As it touches your skin

Feel the triggering

Deep within yourself

As nerves receive the warmth

As messages are sent throughout the body

That you are awake

That you are alive


Messages flitting throughout your nervous system

Triggering hormones

Triggering digestion

Triggering feelings of love

Putting your whole being into motion

In the most internal way

Literally igniting your own engine



Into its most organic motion

Into the very act of being alive


Feel the growth and the warmth around your heart

Feel the magnificence and love and ease of your being

Feel the effortless way that you grow

These literal energetic cells

Of content


As you imagine the creatures beneath the sea

Glistening, shining

As the sunlight hits their tips

Their crystalline tips

As you imagine the chutes of the trees in spring opening

The juices flowing within these beings

This is the act of receiving


Whether it is sunlight

Or love

When someone does for you an act of love

Receive it in this deepest way

Like sunlight

When someone smiles at you

Receive it in this deepest way

As sunlight

And there is nothing necessary to give back

In this moment

Because the gift is in your aliveness

And with no effort

Your own ignition

Radiates to everything around you

Just as the sight of the chutes in the trees

Radiates into your heart


And this receiving cannot help, effortlessly

Without any conscious act of giving

But to actually radiate the gift of life


And so slow down

As you walk through the streets

Slow down

As you sit in the coffee shop

Slow down

As you sit in your Uber

On the Metrolink

And receive


Slow down energetically

On your walk, or your run

Allow your senses to open and slow

Receive from each other

Receive from nature

Receive energetically

From ideas and excitement and ignition

Receive from the animals

Which is the easiest thing for all of you to do


Receive the sheer joyousness of life


And this is the alchemy

This is the alchemy

That requires no study

This is the alchemy

Of the ages

And this is the alchemy

This is the alchemy

Of possibility

And the ultimate expression

Of love

Moment to moment

Making together

A world of peace and unity


And so it is


And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe





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