The Human Shadings of the Law of Attraction

Photo by  Greg Rakozy  on  Unsplash

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

 A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe 

What do we think of law of attraction?

Well we think it is very handy

And we think it is not very human

And the piece we see you struggling with

Is this constant readjustment to joy

Whereas we would like to emphasize

That while joy is the great purpose of creation

There is a kind of immersion

There is a breadth

A tapestry

Of experiences

That also have meaning on this journey


It is like the unfathomable power of emotion

That you experience

During the catharsis of a great movie

Where there is every possible emotion

Wrapped into one moment

There is the pinnacle of this great human journey

Dancing on a pin, as it were

And the electrodes of your heart firing on every cylinder

And at that moment

At the edge of this complete revelation

That is the joyfulness

That is the precipitous edge of growth

Of creation

And yet it is this accompanying richness

That makes it feel so profound


So constant adjustment to the vibration of joy

In keeping with the achievement of one’s desires

Can create this kind of equilibrium

This vibrational pull

And yet it is the vibration of all the sounds

Of the harmonic scale

The vibration of all of the colors of the spectrum

That make up delight

Delight having come through this passage

We would call it exultation

The exultation that comes from the experience of complete catharsis

And so these yearnings for these different templates of life

Are so delicious

And the challenge is that people get stuck

In these different vibrations

They are pulled into a certain pattern

And they get stuck

So when it comes to the idea of creating from the heart’s desire

They’re unable to focus

And run round and round with the heaviness of these different vibrations


Oh these we want to talk about

The badboyness

The badgirlness

This immersion into danger

Into wildness

Into recklessness

Into longing

Into, well, longing can be confused as freedom

so this is a powerful pull

and yet this kind of freedom can only be experienced briefly

before it will inevitably turn to

NOT freedom

Which creates its own powerful emotions

And its own vibrational pull


So the trick is to really get to know the harmonic scale

To know where you are

And the trick is always

Having the ability to navigate within

So it is not just the idea of aligning yourself

With what feels good in the sense of it feeling like non friction

It’s being able

As if you could take the colors of the sky

At sunrise and sunset

On dark nights

On cloudy days

On brilliant summer mornings

And wrap them up

In a cloak around you

And from that place

Emerge into wherever you so choose

And so the danger of the law of attraction in this sense

Is to think less worthy

Any of your colors

At the risk of believing that shucking them will give you

The ultimate vibrational joy


We would say of creation

That creation has a different connotation than joy

Creation is all

It is exultation

It is the creative moment that comes from

Catharsis and epiphany

And within it, it holds all capacity

So there is no sense of failing

There is no chance of failing

Because anywhere you go

Is, in fact, valid

And what you’re looking for

We would say, really

Is more symphony, than harmony

Because those soaring high notes

Feel the best

When there is a range of sounds

And where there is an experience leading up to it

And so our suggestion to you

Is to be completely honest

With each—we know we’re mixing metaphors—

With each color, each vibration, each emotion—

To welcome and live with and to know

That you don’t need to choose this place forever

But you don’t need to fear being there either


We invite you to make it feel at home

We invite you to knit it a little sweater

Give it some cocoa

And a hug

Let it be

Wherever and however long

It needs to be

And to know that with this welcoming

With this acknowledgment

That you will not be stuck

And so you don’t need to force yourself into anything

You don’t need to think yourself into anything

You simply need to love yourself into experiencing

Into exalting

Into ultimately incorporating





And delivering

Your symphony


And we can’t wait to hear it


And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe