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What Is the It Factor? (and May I Have Some Please?)

And if you can

Let go of this moment at this time

Of what it needs to be called

Of your legacy, of your impact, needing to be named

Because you can also see how that energy

Sometimes implodes

And you cannot know the power of the unnamed

The impact you may have

As your wave stretches its fingers across the sand

The impact you may have

Of oxygenating that creature

That piece of fauna

That piece of flora

That could ignite a complete change of consciousness

And you cannot know the impact that you are having

When you are reaching fully

With all of your power

To your own inevitability

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How Do We Love Now, When Relationships Looks So Different?

And so what does all this have to do

With the kinds of unions that are being experienced now?

We believe that part of it is this unbridled accessibility

To the eroticism in your world

To travel, to sensation, to new experiences

In a way that has never quite been experienced in the human body

Humans have encountered a lot of sameness

Not that they were not able to experience beauty through the natural cycles

But the level of sensory experience that can be enjoyed and sought after now

Is completely unprecedented in the human body

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Stop Doing It In the Dark! Trust Us, It's Sooo Much More Fun in the Light

Do not underestimate the revolutionary experience

Of souls coming to the light together

You cannot even imagine what is possible

As your hearts align

And create together

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