"Strength Is In the Endless Capacity to Recreate Form"

Awww good morning!

We’d like to talk to you today about strength

We want to speak to the quality of strength


We see from you...images of fibers

Of a certain amount of tension and stretching

And this idea of a sort of tensile fabric running through you

And yet that... is not what we see as strength


Strength is porous

Strength is an agreement between radiant cells of life, if you will

To hold together

And so therefore it can always dissolve and reform


It’s like watching an image form through liquid

And wash away and reform

And wash away and reform

And wash away and reform


You know we love movies

It’s like the ocean in Moana!


Where at its most basic building block

Which within it has basic building blocks

Which within THAT has basic bulding blocks (laughs)

On and forever

Is a constant reforming and presentation and expression


And so your strength is in your expression

In the full force of that momentary expression

But there is no strength in its fossil

Once it is expressed,

It has already moved forward

So to hold onto a form

Is to hold onto a fossil


The strength is in its essence

The strength is in the endless capacity

To recreate form

Now this doesn’t mean that everything you create that you should just toss aside (laughs)


But it means that strength comes from being the purest channel that you can be

So that your creation is fluid

And that you choose the forms that come through

And that as life and your soul work and what you perceive as “other”

Come toward you and shape it

That you dip into the golden paintbrush of who you really are

And watch the spectacular form that emerges

And that each one is a masterpiece


And when you find one that you love

And keep playing with it

Be aware that it is alive

Like in relationships

Like in careers

Like in vocations

Like in passions

That if you hold it to its form, it becomes fossilized

And so infuse it with the light of who you are

And this is your real strength

To come back to the breath

The source

The light

Whatever way you find

Whatever infuses that form

The love

The shimmer

This is where your strength is

Your strength is in your capacity to allow the light of creation to form

And reform

And reform


And so we come to you with all of our strength

From the heart center of the heart center of the universe

We love you so

Sheila GallienComment