Stop Doing It In the Dark! Trust Us, It's Sooo Much More Fun in the Light


A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe 

Good morning, beloveds

We feel the deep urge to speak with you today about

What is the point of it all?


What is the point of it all?

How do you frame your life so that your energy is used towards its fruition?

And what are the bases of your decisions?


We hesitate to be in the answers game

But we venture forth that the point of it all

Is expression

Is expansion

The point of it all is…hmm…

We need a few more terms defined…


The first is the idea of connection

The next is the idea of expression

And the next is the idea of integration


And so connection is, you’ve seen it in other words…

Is a literal alignment of your physical, spiritual, energetic being

With all that is

With source

With divinity


Expression is when you use your human design

And your higher-self design

The entire design of your own creation

To express the impulse of divinity


Integration is the experience

There’s a step right before…which is…

For lack of a better word, sharing

When you express, and it is shared with another

When someone else shares your expression

Then this simultaneous experience is integration

And your very own being

Has its own crackles of expansion

So there is then the fourth







And that expansion takes you through the human experience

The visceral emotional experience


These are really symbiotic

They’re really just broken down to help you understand

This kind of spiraling of yourself

And so from this integration and expansion

That work symbiotically

You are pushed into new places

To ask new questions

To seek new experiences

Which bring you back into connection

And then it starts again


And so why are we bringing this up now?

Why ask now, what is the point?


It’s because you have the opportunity, the freedom

In a way that humanity has not had for thousands of years

It is because the literal frequency

Of your capacity to operate has been raised

And whereas your understanding has been limited

Your capacity for full divine expression has been hampered

By a collective oppression

By programs, if you will

By mind control

These are the things that are coming to light right now

As patterns dissolve and are challenged

And so we invite you to continually ask what is being revealed?

And continually ask what is possible now?

And to not dwell, if it’s possible, on the pain

That is bubbling up from these experiences

Because this is simply millennial lifetimes worth of

Doing it in the dark

And now comes the light


And so we ask you to not dwell, again

On the pain of what’s being revealed

To embrace that

To nurture it

To love on it

And then to grab hands

And look to what is possible next

Now that this oppression is being revealed


You are waking up in so many realms

In money systems

In education

In health

And as this crumbles

And is confusing and scary

It is so important that you continue to reach for this higher frequency

To simply allow it

And to surround yourself consistently

With bright new ideas

With bright fresh energy

Stay away from the people that are complaining

And look for the people whose energy burns bright

With solution and expression

Because these are the people leading the way

With the new integration

And a new expansion of what is possible


And this is not to say, once again,

To not take the time to heal

And put balm upon those wounds

But it’s important to find, within yourself

This continual ignition of new energy

This embracing of the light


And, we just want you to have fun with it

We invite you to have fun with it

We invite you to listen to new music

We invite you to move your body in new ways

We invite you to also look for the patterns underneath what’s being expressed

Look for how things are connecting

Look how things are complementing each other

And so we can see this in medicine

Look for how nutrition is complementing energy work

Is complementing allopathic work

Because you will need skilled surgeons

To work with the new tools that are arising


Now here’s the thing

There is a battleground raging

Between the old and new ways

And the power will feel like it’s gripping and tightening

But just look and gently loosen those fingers

Around your own being

No need to smash them

Just loosen the fingers of that grip

So that you are free to experience the new energies


And those people who are not seeing the possibilities ahead

Those people who are wanting to

Well… you can feel it in your bodies…


These are your glowsticks, if you will

We invite you to become increasingly sensitive to the signals of your bodies

In terms of power structures

We invite you to recognize when oppression is at work

And to lighten your reaction to it

Which does not mean to dismiss it

Which does not mean to not forge a new pathway

It simply lifts those fingers away

From having a grip on your consciousness

And ultimately on the systems of the earth

Because the beings that have operated in this very dense energy

Only know how to operate there

And it will take them longer to adapt

To this light and to this frequency


And by the way, nobody is out of reach of being transformed

Reforming people is most likely not a useful goal

But do not underestimate the power of the light

Of directed flow

Of that which is created from

Divine connection

Divine expression

The process of integration

And of expansion

Looping back into the next connection

And creation


Do not underestimate the revolutionary experience

Of souls coming to the light together

You cannot even imagine what is possible

As your hearts align

And create together


And so what it is all about

As we are suggesting

Is in putting the bulk of your energy

Into this divine alignment and expression

Into the consciousness of your own integration

Into the consciousness of your own expansion

So that you are in a position to connect

Heart to heart

Soul to soul

With those that are like-minded


And we suggest that the most exciting way to do this

Is through your own desires

Through your own delights

Not necessarily by linking with community

Don’t be concerned about finding your community

Simply be concerned with finding and living your connection

Because it is a radiation of your divine being

That will establish this community

And it does not need to be people gathered together

Because this is energetic creation

You are gathered by the intensity and the focus of your will


We observe that you are at your most powerful

When you are at one with your delight

With your personal creative expression

And know that there is no activity

That is outside the realm

Of revolutionizing the world to the new earth

Because it is the quality you bring with every activity

That connects with this crystal grid

Whether it is cooking a meal

Or organizing your shoes

Or creating an app

Or following the sunlight through the water

What you do is completely unimportant

It is what you bring

With your connection

And what you bring through

In your expression

And how that communicates


And expands

With each other

That is what it’s all about, beautiful souls

And when we are most present


We come to you

With so much love

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe