Relish The Juiciness of Your Existence - This Is How to Truly Feel Loved


A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

Aloha beloveds

We are still going about this love thing

We may go on about this for awhile

Because you suffer so

In the belief that you are not beloved

Because of the feeling…

This person, that person

This day, that day

This life, that life

This family, that family

Because of that endless comparison

That it is so difficult to let go of


And so we say to you

That all of that is just rubbish and poppycock

For that to be true would mean

That there is a hierarchy of loved in the world

It would mean that there is a hierarchy

Of chosen and unchosen

That there are those who have

And those who have not

And we know that you have seen

And lived long enough

And breathed deeply enough

To know

To feel into the falsity of that

Because don’t you know

Haven’t you had it all?

Haven’t you had, moment to moment

Haven’t you had it all?

And haven’t you

moment to moment

lost it all?

Don’t’ you have it all

and lose it all

moment to moment

all day ever day?

in what you experience physically?

and in what you experience from the condition of your mind?

Of your recognition?

Of your own attention?

Of your own focus?


And so it is just a flawed premise

All the way through its core

No matter what it looks like on the outside

It is a flawed premise

That one is more loved than another

There is only how you feel

There is only how you see yourself

There is only what you let in

There is only the condition of your own being


Now we are not asking you to sit in the midst of a firestorm

And celebrate your life

Were simply asking you to notice

That the firestorm then becomes

The warm embers of love

And the embers then cool

And in that icy moment

There may be loneliness

There may be hunger

And in those next moments

The space fills

And your breath fills

And someone enters the room

And this is the same at every level

In the mightiest of mansions

With the beautiful glow of sunset

And then the darkness falls around the room

And then, lounging upon the divan

The occupant becomes consumed with loneliness

And then the light comes

And someone enters the room

And so on and so on


And so then maybe you want to compare the experience

The depths of the highs and lows

And we only ask you to look

At the headlines for that

And perhaps instead of comparing comparing comparing

Keep asking

What do I have right now?


Now we would include

Feelings of ill will

Feelings of jealousy

Feelings of deprivation and contempt

Because these are all things you have

In that moment

These are part of your experience

And so, don’t go looking for the moment of bliss

When perhaps what is your companion

Is a consuming jealousy

So long as you know that that firestorm too shall pass

And in its wake will be tremendous gratitude

For something that emerges in your own life


And so what we’re saying is don’t divorce yourself

From the spectrum of experiences and expect that to be love

Don’t expect to be void of complication in order to feel love

And to feel loved


This is how the transcendent tumble


No, relish the juiciness of your existence

But know and allow it to pass

It is in this connectedness

That you will have such power

To create your reality

It is in this honesty

Of knowing what you have and have not

That you will ooze upon

And beyond

This duality

That pins these forces against each other

It is in the wholeness

Of embracing this juiciness of your existence

The multi levels of your consciousness

The awareness of multiple timelines

Within your own experience


This is just to say your increasing consciousness

Of the multitudinous of your experience

And your increasing ability to focus your attention

With the harnessed power of your entire existence

With a connection to your own divine inspiration

To guide you through these stormy cycles

This, this presence,

This delight,

This despair,

This exasperation,

This acceptance

This exquisite wholeness

This is your invitation to love


We invite you to know

That everyone is holding a beautiful bag of marbles

Of magnificent changing colors

And it may be that one bag seems fuller than another

But eventually all the marbles spill

Into the same exquisite disaster

Of color

And light

And vibration

All to be scooped and gathered and shaped and distributed and polished

And rolled again


So you see it is not possible

That one could be truly richer

Truly more beautiful

Truly more harmonious

Truly more talented

Because remember

In every moment you have everything

And in any moment

You lose everything

And always

Always you create

From anew


And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe




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