Patience and Grace, Are Those Your Real Names?


Aloha Beloveds!


We would like to speak to you today

About patience

That delicious encapsulating of desire


So, what does it mean to feel patient?

Without feeling as if you have

Relinquished your heart’s desire?


What does it mean to bring patience

Into a practice

That includes appreciation and celebration?


Are these just a bunch of buzz words?

Or can you truly achieve this practice?


We want to say first that

The development of patience

Is accepting the guarantee

That you are exactly

Where you are supposed to be


It is the sense of being in constant companionship

With your greatest and highest potential


It allows the humor of absurdity

That no matter what you are experiencing

It is the most gracious delivery

Of what your spirit has created

It is the hilarity of recognizing

That no matter where you are

This is truly what you want (laughs)


And we want you to know

That in that exquisite eruption of discontent

That precedes patience

Of rapid breath

Of churning stomachs

Of the flush of blood to your face

That you are revving up

Your life force


And if you can take that peak

Of life force energy

And let it flood through your body

In a joyous acceptance


You will find yourself energized


As if you were moving closer internally

To the molecular structure

Of Grace


And so patience is not something

That is a deadening, or slackening or relinquishing

Of desire


It is the celebration

Of all that you have created to this point


It is the focusing in this moment

Of all of that intensity

And in a simple act of recognition

And celebration


It is the flooding of your body

With the certain knowledge

Of your spirit

And your connection

To the most divine expression

Of who you really are


And so there is nothing

But celebration

Because in every moment

You are exquisitely created

This fantastic






Of life



Patience, the act of impatience

Prepares you for the celebration of life


The opposite of patience is not impatience

Impatience is the preparation

For all that can come

From the practice of patience

(You may need to put that in the beginning)


Oh how we love this journey with you

Experiencing it with you

Feeling it through you

And we come to you

With a burning impatience

Cresting into the celebration of who you are

From the heart center

Of the heart center

Of the universe


We love you so

Sheila GallienComment