In That Moment Just Before You Choose--How Do You Choose You?

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Good morning!

So we’ve been saying we want to speak to you about choices

And we want to take the effort out of the choices

We want to give you access to the part of you

That can choose you


And so choice is not an intellectual act

Oh it’s fun to do it that way

Because the choices just go on and on

And you can keep yourself busy day and night

Making lists, comparisons, graphs (laughs)

But we’re not talking about choosing


But Life


So for us, choice is all about vibration


It’s all about surrounding, inspiring, infusing yourself

With—we really hate to use the idea of levels,

But it’s just a picture that you can get—

If you imagine the range of sound waves or light waves

And these are ways they come into a hierarchy

Higher deeper bigger faster rounder fuller

However you want to imagine it

You can simply think of it as the ones that feel amazing

And those are the ones that you want


So for us it’s really about consistently raising your vibration

So that that vibration

The big—we want to say…


Well you know when you have a vibration

And it just reverberates all through you

Whether it’s a sound

or a color or light

Or a feeling

And it infuses everything

And in that moment it’s all you can feel


Well we want you to continue to access things

That bring those vibrations

Until it is the bulk of your day

Until it is the majority of your existence


And there will always be the moments

That have, for lack of a better word, less inspired choices

But this is all just part of the process


You can judge your actions

Should I eat that ice cream? Or not?

Well if you’re down that road you’re probably going to eat it (laughs)

Should I think that toxic thought?

Should I go down this road of jealousy and hatred and despair?

If you’re down that road you’re probably going anyway…

So let it ride

Let it be

And when you get to the end of it

Depending on how far down you are

When you get to the end of it

Find another vibration


Find something,

Engage with something

That will fill you with light

With joy

With celebration

With excitement

With connection


And this is why practices are so important

Because your day is full of NOT practicing

And this is why you can’t have too many (laughs)

So whatever they may be

They may be meditation

They may be foods

They may be oils

They may be types of exercise

They may be people

What you want to do is consistently increase your contact

With those things that lift inspire raise your vibration

And decrease your contact with those other things


You don’t need to aspire to be perfect


And we know again that we’re not reinventing the wheel here (laughs)

But just as we’re saying

There can never be too many reminders


Now at the same time we ask you to be discerning

About where you get your connection and inspiration

And this is simply a matter of tuning into yourself

And discovering

Is this taking you to YOUR deepest connection?

Because all you need

Is you


And so let’s come back to the question of choice

And it’s in that split second right before you make that choice

That you need the most help

And you can commit

Just make a commitment

To choosing from your deepest and highest connection

And it will take practice


We invite you to find places in every moment of your life

That you can make these choices

And to know that it will take a recommitment

That it will take a constant recommitment

And that it’s worth it


You may start with just when you wake up

You may start with one small choice

Choose to create something while you lie there in bed

Choose a moment of gratitude, or

We prefer appreciation


Choose a moment when you first see yourself in the mirror

Choose a moment of appreciation

Choose a moment of joy

Don’t begin to dissect yourself in the mirror (laughs)

Or once you do, redirect


Choose a moment while you have your coffee, or your drink

Choose a moment while you eat

Consistently bring yourself back to choosing a moment

And then make those moments bigger

Choose to take yourself somewhere beautiful

Choose to call somebody you love

Choose to listen to something amazing

Choose to create something


And in these practices of commitment

You’re choosing and creating the world that you want to live in

You’re choosing and creating the people that you want to be with

You’re offering a joyful vibration

You’re offering a vibration of possibility

Of creation

Of endless, open-ended limitless capacity

As you choose this more often

Your minutes and spaces become filled

Until someday the majority of your day is spent there

And the majority of people you’re with

And everyone benefits


And imagine the world operating like this

This is what’s possible now because it all moves so fast

You can make these changes very quickly now

You can start today

And you can restart

The good news is

You can restart every minute

It’s never too late (laughs)


You’ve got 60 seconds in a minute

And 60 minutes in an hour (laughs)

You’ve got all day

You can wake up in the middle of the night

And choose a higher vibration


We invite you to just keep getting back on the horse (laughs)

And to know that you can build momentum

To know that these choices, even in the darkest times

That you can build momentum

And once you build that momentum

Everything changes

Not just for you

But for everybody


This is an exciting time

This is a time of tremendous opportunity

The opportunity to experience the full and limitless capacity

Of who you are

Who the planet is

Who the universe is (laughs)

All of us


So let’s come back to the one thing

The one thing that you need

That’s to know

That we are here

That you are here

That all that you know

To be limitless, divine, exquisite,

All-creative all-forgiving all-loving

To know that it is real


And that you have within you

A direct line

To your own superfuel (laughs)


And so take the time to know it

Take the time to activate

Take the time to choose

It doesn’t take long meditations

You don’t need to go sit on a mountaintop

Not even under a tree

(Trees are good)

Take the time to make those choices

And start with one

Start with one consistent choice

To raise your vibration


Feel how good it feels!

And do it again


We choose you


And we come to you with everything

Form the heart center

Of the heart center

Of the universe









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