Open Your Window and Believe: How to Live 5D with a 3D Job


A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

Good morning, beloveds

So you asked about the experience,

The frustration,

Of living in this 3D world

While expanding into this 5D consciousness

And we suppose where we want to first start

Is with some definitions


We’ll actually start with the definition

Of frustration

Frustration is the experience

Of an expectation not fulfilled

Frustration is the experience

Of the fear

That that expectation will not be fulfilled

So the moment you step into frustration

You have obliterated your “presence”


And this is okay

This is just what happens

This is this lurching forward

Between places you want to go

It’s like when you are learning to drive a stick shift

And you’re letting the clutch out

And you can’t find that sweet spot

And so you lurch forward

And you stall (laughs)

And it takes practice

Before you can smoothly engage the gears


So you might look at this journey

Between “3D” and “5D”

That your experience right now is

Popping the clutch


The other piece of frustration

Is the lack of belief

In what is possible


You have this conflicting sensation

Of knowing it’s real, and yet

Not believing it’s real

And this may be described, in many ways,

As that human experience

That fall from grace

That experience of effort,

of needing effort


So, let’s move on to the definitions of

5D and 3D

And the way they’re being understood

So 5D is being imagined as this place

Of effortlessness

And this is part of what’s being talked about

And we would like to share with you

That it is not exactly “effortlessness”

Because there is still intention

And there is still creation

And there is still focus

And there are still

Multiple intentions and expressions going on

Which do create resistance

Simply by the existence of energy

Moving in different directions


So it’s incorrect to think that you will become

A completely different being in every way

Not requiring focus

Or what we’ll call in this instance, effort


So what you’re experiencing now

No matter where you’re at

Is your training ground

And the choices you make right now

We would say

Will decide the fullness to which you can experience

What you are imagining as 5D

What you are imagining as the crystal grid, the new earth


So your attachment to what goes on right now,

Your attachment to your fears, is, we would say

Is the number one thing for you to resolve


So let’s say you’re in a job that feels too 3D to you

Your attachment to your, so far,

Not creating a different career

Your attachment to any discomfort

You may feel within your current position

Your attachment to your frustration

Your lack of belief that you are more

That there is more

Those are the places that divide you


And so what we would say

And we’ll call 3D…

Let’s give this a definition

3D is the world and paradigm that has been taught in school

That is reflected in media

That is discussed and talked about

That is wholly oriented around the matrix


Now this doesn’t mean that it’s not “real”

Because it is possible to live fully within this

But those of you that are feeling this massive eruption

Waking and calling, knowing

That you are inside of the matrix

That there is more

For you, you feel frustration,

As if you are failing in the training ground


Now the training ground is perhaps not what it looks like…

Because what you imagine

Is that if you can become very successful

And simultaneously transcend it

Like someone you might imagine,

Like Elon Musk, or Richard Branson, or Oprah Winfrey

You might imagine these people

Who are living at this very high level

Within the matrix

And also seem to be on a mountaintop

With the streaming light of God coming through

And they are


But it is not necessary to get to that mountaintop

To shift and expand into your wholeness

It is not necessary to get to the pinnacle of ANYTHING

Except your you-ness

And this is the trick of light that’s been played

Whether or not you believe

It is implemented by the illuminati,

Or whether or not you believe

It is implemented by an alien race,

Or whether or not you believe

That it is simply a trick of your own consciousness


The trick of the light is that

You have to get to the next mountaintop

To be able to expand into the next level

And we would simply say

Bring the mountaintop within you

Bring all the mountaintops within you

Bring them into your own grid


And so in very practical terms

Because we like to give you practical terms

Even if you are working at a fast food restaurant

Even if you are filling cheeseburger orders and fries

Even if you are in that place

You can turn your smile on in such a way

That you bring the mountaintop to you

And you bring it to everyone else


Because the goal of all of this

Is not to leave most of humanity

Down in the valleys

The goal is to open the hearts

And the superconductor highways

Of love and creation and expansion

And bring all of your intricate capacities

Your amazing gifts and talents

Bring them fully into the new world


And so other ways that you can affect this consciousness

While you are working in 3D careers

Is also radical self-care

Is insistence on connecting with nature

Is insistence on self-care

Is insistence on shining your light


And when the frustration gets too much for you

Tune back into your power source

Set a timer if you must

Put a touchstone on your desk

Bring a sacred object

Put a locket around your neck

Something to continually touch back to your power source




This is the key

Stay open to…

What are your gifts?

What is it that feels like you?

Stay open to this

And continue to show up for it

In the teeniest tiniest increments at first

And then continually expanding it


This means to walk that plank of

Whatever your next edge is

And it can be something you do

Something you feel

Something you say

Something you create

Where you need to be


Ah, here’s another metaphor


Where you need to be is

Connecting peak to peak

You are already on the mountaintop

Extend the plank to the next higher one

And how do you do that?

You take the step off

And this doesn’t mean quit your job

It can mean it in so many spheres

It can mean in saying the thing you’re afraid to say

Doing the thing you’re afraid to do

Feeling into that place that feels like you

Making a declaration of who you are


And all of this can be done

In any context of what you do

The 3D consciousness is a trap

That what you do is who you are

And it is NOT true

Or put it this way…

That what you do as a vocation

Is who you are

And this is NOT true


What you do

Has to do with the quality

Of how you do it

And we don’t mean

Bring your light to the spreadsheet

We mean bring your light to yourself

We mean, in your conversations

And hey, if you can bring your light to the spreadsheet

More power to you

But we mean expanding the windows

Moment to moment

Into your evolving, expanding 5D selves


So how do you keep your sanity?

You keep opening the window

To what you know is possible


And this is the real image

Put a window in your office

Put a window for you to look constantly in

To the 5D possibilities


And that’s really what 5D is

The definition of 5D is

The realization of limitless possibilities


And so beloveds

Do not get hung up on where you are now

Versus where you are going

Do not get hung up on not believing


Because it is here

We are here

We are everywhere

It is everywhere

You are already here

It’s in the power of your choices

It’s in the power of your focus

Moment to moment

Day by day

Heart to heart

Person to person

Human to animal

Human to tree

Human to God


Open your window

And believe


We love you so

We are with you every step of the way

And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe





















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