What Does It Mean to Feel Disconnected?

Good morning, beloveds!

We want to talk to you today about disconnection

About that feeling you get

Maybe you feel a little scattered


Let’s just say, it’s the NON-feeling that you feel

When you know we’re with you

When you feel infinite love flowing through you

When you feel endless capacity

When you feel this place that you’ve come to know

That you recognize

As complete connection


And so what you’re picturing

is disconnection

As the absence of connection

As if you’ve somehow been unplugged

From the beating heart

The luminous essence

Of the universe (laughs)

As if that were even possible


Because we are you

Because we are all together

Because we are all made of the same stuff


But this thing you perceive as disconnection

Carries with it so much judgment

And it’s sort of funny if you think of it


Just because you looked away,

At that moment, from the blue horizon

Doesn’t mean that the blue horizon doesn’t exist

Doesn’t mean that the colors of azure and turquoise

Aren’t there

Just being

What they are

And ready for your own experience of them

When you return


So it is true that you are what you focus on

But you are here for an experience

That will take you to many different layers and levels

Of focus and connection


And the main thing we want to say here

Is there is no need to judge your experience

It honestly is not better, necessarily,

To remember all that you are, in the moment

Except that it probably feels better


Everything you do is a sacred act

Because everything you do is creation


And so when you feel adrift, or disconnected

Take note of the judgments that come to you

Do you feel unworthy?

Do you feel forgotten?

Do you feel abandoned?


These are agreements that so many of you have created

And you could just look upon those agreements

With wonder and compassion

Because when you know the truth

Which is that we are always a part of you

That you are always infused

With the direct divine expression of love and light and creation

You can get a few giggles

About the idea

That you could ever be unworthy

That you could ever be abandoned

That you could ever be unloved


We are not a high school principal

There is no getting in trouble here

There is only your choosing to recognize and receive

The infinite love and expression of who you are

And there is only your choosing

To experience something else


And so have patience with this feeling of disconnection

But keep showing up

To plug back in

Because it’s fun!

Because it feels good

Because you’re empowered

Because you have the entire universe at your disposal


And if it is less than high voltage

There’s no need to really ask why

Experience and explore that part of the connection

So that you may share this with others as well


And we come to you


From the heart center of the heart center

Of the universe



Sheila GallienComment