It's OK To Eat the Banana Bread


Good morning beloveds

So you are already laughing

But today we want to speak to you

About banana bread


We want you to know that bananas are ok

We want you to know that bread is ok

And we can feel the upwelling of confusion

We want you to know that sugar is ok

And we can feel the discomfort and panic


We want you to know that you are loved


We want you to know that everything you do is ok


The only thing that is not

Is the way you hold yourself back

From yourselves

And you create with this, a chasm

And within that chasm

Are the dark moist spongy places

That fester

And, well, festering is ok too

But festering has its own life path

And it will distract you

Possibly terminally

From the really cool shit that’s going on right now


Because isn’t it in that moment

When you deny yourself, when you deny who you need to be

Right in that moment

Isn’t it in that moment that you live in hell?

The moment between having the banana bread

And not


We recommend that you have the banana bread


If you don’t have it, sit with yourself

And allow yourself to imagine having it


And it if is a darker thing you’re craving

Well, we will just say, more impactful

Like calling somebody out on Instagram

We recommend that you allow yourself to experience it

Without perhaps quite hitting “share”

Allow yourself to know what it is you are craving


Now in the case of banana bread

It might be the sugar

It might be the sweetness of memories

It might be warmth

It might be filling a hunger

And when you weigh that experience

You may decide that the banana bread is ok


In the case of stalking

When you allow your experience

You may discover what you’re really craving

Is justice

And beneath that you may discover

What you’re really craving

Is love

And so you can ask yourself

Will that action lead to that experience?

And you may choose a different action


But you didn’t deny yourself

And put yourself into the hell

Where the festering chasm can grow

Where you can stop knowing yourself

Where you can lie to yourself

About who you are and what you need

And what you want

Because that is how you become miserable

And what you may refer to as “fake”


So we suppose what we’re really saying

Is allow yourself first

The virtual banana bread

And ask yourself what you really want

And be honest!

Maybe you really want to take somebody down

And what you really want from that

Is to feel ok, or better

And just be it

Just feel that glorious desire to be better

Than that asshole in that moment


And this will help, you know

Just remember you’re not doing this to feel better

You’re not doing this to not want banana bread

You’re not doing this to not want to be better

You’re just doing this because

You love the power and depth of who you really are

And there is such glory in that connection

And we suspect

That when you do this

Without even trying

You will feel a little bit better

At least in this one sense

You will know whether or not you’re going to eat the banana bread

And how you will feel when you do


And we come to you

With so much love

From the Heart Center of the Heart Center

Of the Universe

Sheila GallienComment