Is There a Cure for Desire?

Aloha lovelies, I have been out of touch with channelings, but I am back! I am breaking the ice with some questions that circle me endlessly. This begins a little more personally, then expands. “Desire” is a massive topic, so I appreciated the simple breakdown. I hope you do too!

My questions?

What is the nature of desire?

What is the function of desire?

What is the cure for desire?

 Their answer:

Aloha beloved, welcome back to you

It feels good to come through your voice again

It feels good to be anchored where we can see through you

This beauty, this verdant, verdant greenness

The sounds of these singing birds

The unembodied can witness

To a degree

But when we come through your consciousness

We get to experience your senses

And it is a magnificent gift to us

And in so doing we feel through your operating system, if you will

And that is how and why we can attune through your own heart

And through the heart superhighway

To the consciousness of all those around you on the planet with you

…Fun facts


Well the nature of desire really comes from

The essence of creation

It comes from this ever-present potentiality

From this ability for you to create

And it is your nature to create

And so it feels contradictory with various teachings

To be asked to step away from desire

And so we would not be expanding on any of the masters

That have spoken on the subject to say

That it is not exactly desire that you want to transcend

It is the attachment to outcome

And this is a reward system that you’ve created

That you have desire

And you create

And there is a reward

And so perhaps the gig is to unhitch your wagon from the outcome

And just keep going deeper into the desire


So the question really becomes

What do you do with desires

That don’t reach their desired outcomes?

You wish for a beautiful home

And it doesn’t come

Do you therefore need to adjust that desire

Turn it, as you would, into gratitude for what you have

As many suggest

And yet in honesty, there it lingers

Each time you drive by that beautiful house


Or, you desire to write a book

Or create a symphony

And you do so

And you do so in utter alignment

And it is all that you have to give and be

In its completeness

And yet it does not achieve success in the world

Or isn’t understood or experienced by others in the way that you do

What do you do with that experience

And how do you deal with the judgment

Because we fully recognize that in this world

You have to eat

And live somewhere

And deal with health

And so this is where it really snares

Because desire is ultimately linked to survival in your being

And past the survival state

It comes to comfort

And status

Which comes to security

Which comes to feeling loved

Which comes to feeling important

Feeling worthy

Feeling special


And so we could sidestep all of this

We could sidestep and say

From the most genuine part of us

To the most genuine part of you

You are loved

You are worthy

You are special

You are important

And yet this does not satisfy the ones that want to leave an impact

Make an impact

Feel the sense that there is a greater purpose to their being

All we can say to you about all of this

Is as we said, to bypass those middle sections

The part about status

The part about being liked

The part about being approved of

The part about everything from the first point of survival

To the part of feeling wholly accepted and loved and important

For exactly who you are

And bring your desire back in, once again

To the fullest expression of who you really are

And let that be your focus


And if who you really are is to live in that beautiful house that you walk by

Then go ahead and relish it as you desire it

But avoid judging where you do live

As a measure of your worthiness

As a measure of your vibrational consistency

As a measure of your karmic success


So we’ll bring it back to what it is

Which is an expression of who you really are

That you would be glorious in that glorious house

And that you feel it as you walk by it

And then, when you go home,

release the judgment

Of any outcome that has been created

From your actions of where you live now

And simply live

And move on to the next desire

That is bubbling up within you


We hesitate to say it’s as easy as avoidance

But we see it a little bit like

Distracting a baby or a dog

When a baby is unhappy because she doesn’t have something

You hold something shiny up to her to distract her

And all of her desire goes into that moment

And she’s happy

And this is what we suggest you do

When you feel the unrest that you don’t live in that beautiful home

Shake the shiny thing that makes you happy

And put your energy there


And in so doing your life is a series of tapping into, expressing

And doing what you can

To fulfill the deepest parts of you

And express them

And we never can say too often

That you can’t imagine the impact you have

You can’t imagine day to day

What you might have done to rock the world

And release the judgment that

If your name is not in lights

That that’s the only way you might have made impact

And shake the rattle

Shake the shiny

And dive into that beautiful place

Because you are very very shiny


And while we’re at it

Do the same thing with people

Go for the shiny people

And when someone is disappointing you

Shake something shiny to take your attention

And put it there instead of on that person

Who is simply muddling through their own explorations


We love you so

And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe