How to Blossom, Not Burn, When You Feel Competitive

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A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe 

Good morning, beloveds

Today we would like to speak with you

About competition

About that fire in the belly

About that sense of urgency

About that sense of missing out

About that sense of missed opportunity

Because this is, this is what you are really responding to

When you get this feeling of competition


And we want to say to you

That there is an extremely healthy and vibrant part of this

It is the urge within you to express yourself

At your greatest capacity

It is the urge within you for all you

To come in line

To, in one glorious moment,

Reach the utter pinnacle,

The full flowering of your abilities

Of your desires

Of your passions

And this yearning

Is part of the flower of life

It is the act of spirit moving upon the waters

It is the act of creation

And it is your most fundamental






It is the intense desire

For artistry

For that moment that takes one’s breath away

And so you know it when you see it

You know it when you see it in others

And really when it is that sacred blooming in your body

You will not feel the competition

At least not at first

You will be awash in beauty

And then

You will be triggered

To express that beauty yourself

OH there it is…


And so how do you work with this experience?

How do you work with the disappointment of falling short?

We think of a line in the movie, Amadeus

We think of that line, “what can I say but Salieri?”

That summing up of the target missed

That summing up of feeling separate from god

That summing up that with all the effort, all the humility

All the commitment, all the surrender, all the sacrifice

That still one falls short of the perfection of the glory of the divine


So you may hear this piece about acceptance

That the daisy on the hill, if it is crooked and missing a petal

Doesn’t feel less perfect than its glorious sister

That the oak that is dwarfed or misshapen doesn’t feel less perfect

Than its majestic brother

And maybe it’s because they don’t have Instagram

Maybe it’s because they don’t have Facebook (laughs)

But you see this is at the heart…hmmm…


First, we would say that it is not entirely true

That such a daisy and such an oak tree may not strive

For an even grander expression

But what we would say is that their self-consciousness is different

That their process of creation

Is more present to them

And more than anything, their sense of cooperation is more present to them

And it is true that if you truly look at the whole spectrum

There is nothing more important

Between the wilted daisy and the grand oak

Each comes to its full fruition

Each decomposes

Each seeds into the next cycle of life

Each supports the flora and the fauna around it

Each allows itself to be gazed upon

But it is a particularly human quality

To gaze upon one another, and to judge the level of divinity within


So we could say to you, and we will say to you

That it is utter nonsense and gibberish

That one expression is actually more divine

In its ultimate purpose

Than any other

But we would also know

That your spectacular bodies are attuned

To feeling the vibration of perfect expression

And you know it when you feel it

You know it when you see it

When you hear it

When you taste it

When you spell it

And human beings are gloriously designed

To appreciate these magnificent expressions


And we would say that your lifetime is not complete

Unless and until

You are reaching toward your magnificent expression

And we would say that each of you

Absolutely has the gifts

Some of them just being awakened now

But here is the problem

What you have not developed

Is your ability to recognize when YOU reach

That pinnacle of expression


And it is only really obvious in certain forms

You see it in art

You see it in athletics

You see it in cooking

Perhaps in fashion

You see it in certain ways

But where you do not see it

Because it does not create an impression

And you are a visual people

When you do not see it is when somebody has perhaps

Reached a vibration of love so powerful

That they literally transform those around them

Even in just a moment

That that experience may reverberate out

To five to ten to thousands

Simply by a moment reached

Perhaps between two strangers

It may literally be an act of kindness

It may be a physical touch

It may be the receiving of a download of information

That is then transmitted

What you would consider invisibly and psychically

To a network of beings

Who have been waiting for that transmission

And so the piece that you are missing

Is your ability to recognize your own divinity

When it comes to you

And to know that in that moment

you have reached it


And it is fleeting

As any great artist

Or any great creator

Or any great athlete knows

Those moments come, and then they’re gone

And you may imagine them living in the glory of that moment forever and ever

But no they are not

They are onto the next moment and expression


And so what we invite you to do

Piece by piece

Is to become aware

Of when you have reached your pinnacle

Of divinity

To become aware of your own gifts

Your desires may lead you to,

Will lead you to,


Whether it is music or art or businesses or families

And we invite you to look for the places

That ignite you

And to look within these moments

For your own successes

And if you have trouble finding them

Then think of this

Think of the way you feel when you see somebody else do it

Before the envy comes

That you are not doing it yourself

Think of how it feels to see such beauty

Whether it’s in dance, or surfing, or athletics

Or feel how it is to be moved by the music

Before you have that thought of

Oh I wish I could

Of if only I had such talent

Think about that feeling

And become aware throughout your life

Your daily lives

When in these tiny moments

And we promise you in some ways they are tiny

And in others they are large

But begin to take notice

Of where you are appreciated

Of where somebody looks at you and thanks you

Of when you just feel right

Of when you feel lifted

It may be completely by yourself

It might be in a prayer

It might be in moving a caterpillar off the sidewalk

Take notice of the moments in your life

When you are acting in conjunction with your divinity

When you are infused with your light


And in this way, the spirit of competition

Becomes simply the act of noticing how divine you really are

And how divine are your fellow beings

And to know that in between their accomplishments

They are suffering

They are suffering with the same burning competition that you feel

They are suffering from their same intensity to get closer to what they want

And each of you begin to notice and take pleasure in each other’s divine masterpieces

But you must take pleasure in your own

Even if it seems mundane and idiotic

You may need to notice how other’s kindnesses move you

You may need to notice how less grand gestures

Allow you to feel and accept and admire the divinity in others

Just as the crooked daisy

Just as the stunted oak

How each of these things evokes in you

A sense of connection

And it is connection

That is the birthplace of spirit

Spirit moves upon the water

And creates

Through this connection

And in this way you begin to see yourself

In this beautiful web of divine expression

And to use that competition within you

To spur yourself on

To celebrate your fellows

And to expand this daily experience of divinity

So that it begins to outweigh the suffering

The miracles, the sense of wonder, simply starts to fill up more space and time

Than the doubts and the suffering and the burning in the belly

Every one of you

Every single one of you

Is a beloved walking miracle

Every single one of you is transforming

Into the most glorious being of light

And we want you to use every part of you

The masterful creation of your human form

To understand your beauty

And your divine right


We love you so

And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe






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