How Menopause Leads to Infinity: You Just May Have to Die a Little First


We want you to know that we are with you

A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

So beloved you asked us about menopause

It is a hard word even for you to say

And you are looking for the why of it

For the what for of it

And the first thing we would say to you

And this may not be very pleasing…


Is that because all birth is death

And all death is birth

And this passage in human time

Is the death of birth

In this limited viewpoint

The death of birth

Of new humans passing through

One body to another

And so it is that this passage

Which is not truly celebrated and understood to begin with

Passes away similarly without celebration


And so it’s as if the rollercoaster has closed

That ride you thought you might want to go on

Even if you already did

Has closed

Without your getting to have a say in it


And there is something to be mourned here

And this is part perhaps of what people get hung up on

Because you’re in such a hurry to fight that off

And so why is it necessary for a body to stop

Being able to produce life?

Why is it necessary to surrender a gift?

However burdensome that gift can be?

Really what you’re asking is

Why is it necessary to die?


Because although we can feel

That you would like a cheerier definition

It’s really the best one

Menopause is a death

It’s a many layered death

It’s a death of your ability to bring through life

It is a death of that lunar menses connection

It is a signal that you are entering

That final phase of your life in some form

And it’s unclear what there is to look forward to


And this is how your life has been lived

In milestones of things to look forward to

Everything has been looking forward

And in mothering there is an ever-present need to look forward

There is the joy of being present

But there is an ever-present need to look forward

Towards education, towards planning, towards home

Even if we could get you to believe

That living in the present would also be tremendous

The agreements you’ve made within your culture

Have been to create your reality

To create your existence

In a looking forward sort of way


And so there’s a piece that feels robbed

As this transition happens

This awareness of looking forward

That’s not mirrored in the culture

Everything you’ve been shown to look forward to

Is not in this last quadrant

Even though you can summon

Some beautiful aspects for women

The sense of being less at hand

Being less of service in many ways

Being rooted in your body

Because each month you’re not flowing upwards

Into another life source

It is difficult for you to get your beings around

The deliciousness of this

Without the romance to look forward to

Without the beautify to look forward to

Without the glamour to look forward to

Without the fitness to look forward to

All of the things

The images that you see nonstop

In terms of what to look forward to

Are not represented

You only see them in drug commercials

With silver handsome couples


As if it’s just a polished-up version

Of everything you fear


And so the first piece about menopause

Is that it is about death

And it is about

We hesitate to say reconcile because the human mind struggles so with this

But it is in fact about reconciling with this death

And there is no getting around this

And so it doesn’t mean that you can’t be attractive

But it does mean that you recognize

The temporarines of that

And there’s no hanging onto creams

Or surgeries

We see the results of that

And so really what needs to happen

Is a completely new perspective

That it isn’t about the looking forward


And this again, in your culture

the focus on retirement

the focus on security

the focus on these alleged golden years

This keeps you upside down

Because this time is no longer about looking forward

Nor is it about looking back

And this is perhaps the greatest trick of them all

This is a time where the inclination may be

To look back

And of course we realize that menopause

Is not late life

But it is a transition

And there are many who are lost around this time

Who are lost to those on the planet

Who have moved on


But what we encourage you to nurture

Is the relationship with the present

And we encourage you to do this with some mercilessness

It is okay to mercilessly let go of the future

We promise that it will be there when you get back


And so the first piece is to recognize

The death that it is

To mourn the death that it is

To celebrate the life that it’s been

You might have yourself a little party


And then to sort out

What it is at the core of what you really fear

The fear of the end of this juiciness

Because it is true

That the body and the skin

Are not supple in the same ways

And yet we encourage you to work from within

To strengthen from within

To nourish from within

In a way that is truly not about the future


And we want you to understand

That your best investment in your future

Is in your present

It is also the time of great magnification

That the more that you go in

As the life flow has stopped moving outward

There is a magnification


Of your own life force

That can be wielded with tremendous power


And it can certainly influence what you want

In your reality

The ability to manifest

Form a deeply nourished place

Manifest is really the wrong word

The ability to align with source power

From a deeply nourished place

From a place that has healed

That has died to all if its suffering beforehand

This ability is where the image of the crone

The fairy godmother

This is where those archetypes come from


Now just so you understand

We are not telling you that you need to dress like a bag lady

We are not telling you anything of the sort

We are saying that your power comes from something else

And is wholly accessible to you

But it does require a willingness

To die to the old life

To bury it like you would bury a placenta

To bless it

To release it

And to move forward into this next phase of your life

As if you are not searching for the fountain of youth

But you are drinking from the fountain of the divine


That your life force now flows so powerfully within you

That you have an endless source of joy

Of communication

Of creation

Of deliverance

You are closer than ever to the infinite

And we invite you to make that your symbol

Of menopause

Make infinity the symbol of this life passage

Because you are no longer anchored

To the continuation of your earth being

But you are now a bridge between

All that is here in life

And all that is beyond in the divine

It is a bitchin’ and blessed time


And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe

We love you so