How Do You Manage Destructive Feelings? And What Is At Stake for Everyone?


A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe


Good morning, beloveds

Yes today we want to speak to you about destruction

We’re really on a roll these days with these forces

That are interpreted as negative

And we’re in no hurry to convince you

That they should feel better than they do

Because we’re in no hurry to convince you

That you should feel any differently than you do


What we do want you to see

Is that just as the opihi that clings to the cliff

Just as any living being

That touches the earth

From the law of gravity

Just as the earth uproots and upends

And pours forth from its center

Everything is rooted


From the same force

You just keep taking it deeper

And deeper

And deeper


And this is the case with those feelings of




At their very source

At their deepest source

There is nothing but creation

There is nothing but love

Well we would rephrase that and say

There is nothing but divine expression


And we know you understand cycles of destruction and creation

And so we don’t’ want to be trite and minimize

And just draw your attention to the cycle

Although, it’s true (laughs)

We want you to be able to mine for the energy

That is being released from the destruction

We’ve spoken of this before

That it is in the reaching towards each other

In these moments

That that energy is transmuted


But we invite you to not be afraid

Of the ghouls and goblins that are rising

From these mists

As structures fall down

We invite you to not react initially

To take a breath



When you see the face of racism rise before you

When you see the face of hatred rise before you

We invite you to take a breath

And see if you might find its essence

See if you might look beneath that mask


And if it’s too hard to do it on an individual level

If it’s too hard to separate from the individual that is

Throwing out such a mask

Then see if you might make it more general

And ask the question

What is arising within this hatred?

What is the thing that is trying to be destroyed?

And it is possible that this being

Is acting as an agent of change

And rather than shoot the vitriol

Back at the goblin or the ghoul

Reach underneath it

And ask what truth is being expressed

And please hear us out here

Because there is always a truth in everything that is being expressed

And there is always a divinity behind that truth


And so we’ll get specific

If somebody is hurling racist epithets

We are not saying, don’t hold people accountable

But we are saying

What is the truth that is being expressed there?

And the truth is that this person

Who is representing

Who is the voice of many

Is perhaps having a profound fear

Of being different


And if you notice

You cannot will away ANY of your feelings

You cannot on an individual level

Will away jealousy

You cannot will away hatred

You cannot will away fear

You cannot will it away

And so an aggressive reaction to such a person

Is demanding of them and all others

That they simply will away what is bubbling up for them

And of course you can do that if you want

But we would point out to you

That it does not appear to be working


So what to do?

Go up and hug the racist?

Probably not

But there is a way, even energetically

To diffuse the statements

To perhaps, in fact

Start a conversation

To ask, how can we shift this consciousness?


Now of course you’ve had great leaders that have done this

And the challenge is, it is not the fast path

You saw this with Martin Luther King

You saw this with Jesus


Long breaks in between, because it is not the easy path


But if all were to ignite this on a very subtle level

To first recognize that those feelings

That person has about others

You for certain have had in some form in your life

And so as these people rise as sort of lightning rods

For these jarring, disruptive aggressive goblins and ghouls of humanity

We invite you to go into your hearts

And step out of your heads

We invite you to open a deeper conversation


We invite you, in fact

To step out of the thought process altogether

And step into the action of the heart

That with these triggerings of all of these emotions

With this destruction

And we will call it the destruction of the illusions

Of what your society thought were holding up

The illusions of fairness

The illusions of equality

These people are lightning rods

Showing that those have been illusions


So we would invite you to turn your hearts to action

Not necessarily the action of shutting those people down

But the action of opening to each other

Particularly those that have been marginalized

Keep your focus on the opening

Keep your focus on the reaching out


And on a very micro level

Within your own communities

This is the very first place to reach

Who amongst your neighbors are you already shut off from?


So this destruction that is taking place

Only shows the illusion of what you believed was here

Only paves the way for harnessing new energies

Only gives you the freedom to reach in whole new capacities


So we invite you to look at destruction

Not necessarily just as a cyclical process

Not as an ebb and flow, really

But in fact as part of all the same process

Reaching down to the core of it

The core of what can be created simultaneously

As illusions fall away

And what kind of new agreements can be made

This is the time to reach from your heart

To build the heart superhighway


So react if you must

But remember the energy of love and transmutation

And openness

And creation

And building

And reaching

So that this new earth can rise

On a scaffolding not of lies and illusion

But on a real foundation

Of truth, and honesty and compassion

Including compassion for all of that which you feel within yourself

That is negative, frightening and destructive


This is the path to love


And we come to you from the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe


We love you so



Sheila GallienComment