How Do You Live In Your Own Reality?

Photo by  Faye Cornish  on  Unsplash

Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash

Good morning, beloveds

Yes we want to weigh in with you on creation

And on all the tangles that are going through your mind right now


There are different levels to what you are bringing through

Your fundamental search is in how to bring through pure creation

How to express at the highest level

How to build the most magnificent waterfall


And the next level is how to appreciate the daintiest flower

How to accept as perfect the creation that comes through you

Knowing that it is fully expressed


And the third and perhaps the most important

Is how does one live in the world that they’ve created?


How does one live in the vibration of creation?

And not continually get distracted by the holograms of others?

And what is really real?

Are you interacting with other realities?

Are you within your own reality?

How does one share one’s reality with another?

And who gets to choose the vibration of that reality?


Well it is only you, it is you within your own vibration of your own creation

That gets to choose the experience of any other alleged reality


Now in the purest form we are all one

And there is only expression

And yet you glory, you delight

And the reason you’ve incarnated into these magnificent bodies

You glory, you delight

In the senses, in the ability to experience achieve receive

All of these different

Sentient expressions


But you get to choose your filters

You get to choose what and how you receive

You get to choose what you make it mean

You get to choose what you allow


Because the mystery of creation

Is the coming together and expression of previously unexpressed collisions

Of interactions

Because the nature is surprise

You can’t choose how you will feel

In that first moment

And so this is why you dip back into your own well

And you must build a practice

You must build the structures

You can make them portable

Or you can make them physical

You must build the structures of your life

That allow you to carry this vibration


And trust us when we say that nobody will do this for you

That most are simply ping ponging away in everybody else’s experience

But you come with equipment

And it is your free will and your choices

That allow you to build the structures

To delight in your life


And it is in fact from this strength

And broadcast tower

That you can affect the kind of change you want to see in the world


So take the time to establish the structures

That build YOUR reality


There is no replacement for your own commitment

There is no replacement for your own consistency

We cannot emphasize this enough


So all the layers that you want to experience

The impact of your personal and spiritual world

Of your relational world

Of your collective physical world

Of your collective vibrational world

Of your inter-dimensional world

The ability to bring through the creations that are most divinely expressed

The ability to receive and accept and appreciate the creations that do come through

And the ability to interact from your own vibrational experience

With all that is created

And to affect it

All of this is dependent upon the structures that you build

As your own divine self


We suggest for most of you

A clear and consistent practice will be the most effective

And you can start with just one tool and build from there


It may simply be awakening in the morning and stating


“I am the light

I am the divine consciousness

I am the expression of all that is

I love and am loved beyond all comprehension”


And just start there

And from there set your intention

And do this before anything else impinges on your day

And beginning your day just in this way

As no doubt many others have recommended

Will begin you on the path,

And from that build the structures that support you


And so we come to you

With the intention

That you shall know how to put into practice all that you are

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe




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