How Do You Learn to Feel Loved?


A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

Good morning, beloveds

Today we so need to speak with you about

Love love love love love

So need to unfurl to you

How to access love

Could there be a word

With more meaning?

Could there be a word used--

We don’t want to say carelessly--

We want to say “in search of”

How often this word is plugged in

As a blanket verb, noun

To answer a search?


So we want to say to you

That unless you can feel loved

There is no love

And here is where it just gets so tricky

The whole “all you need is love” thing…

As if that is…hmmmm…

We’d say, as if that is the only experience,

And we suppose what’s really being referenced

Is the sense that

All you need for food is love

All you need for fuel is love

But how do you use it as fuel

When you don’t know how to run it in your engine?


And so all the talk

And all the meditation

And all the programs

And all the practice in the world

That allows you to touch the vibration of love

All of the access in the world

Without understanding how to let it in fully

Well we won’t say it won’t do you ANY good

But it would probably be the experience you’re having now (laughs)

Of intermittent attunement

Intermittent oneness

Intermittent solubility with your creative divine being

Punctuated by long stretches of yearning


We always like to give the disclaimer

That it’s not as if we will say something new

We will keep saying what we’re saying

And what the divine presence keeps saying

And we hope to keep saying it in such a way

That every one of your receptors

Ultimately, over time the whole human being

Has access to the experience and the knowledge

has access to the presence




How do you FEEL loved?

Because in order to run it as your fuel

You have to know what it is

Where it is

Where it comes from

You have to recognize it by taste and smell and touch

By vibration


And how do you know when you are being loved

When you have so many pictures in your mind

Of what it would look like to be loved

What it would look like in the movies

What it would look like on TV shows

It’s as if you have many many images

For an almost cartoon-like love

And an almost cartoon-like lack of love

But very few images

For the pure transmission and experience of love

Except as perhaps comes through in Hallmark cards

And feel good books

Tuesdays With Morrie (laughs)

Chicken Soup For the soul

All of these reminders to be present

All of these reminders to be with one another

But it still doesn’t help, really,

With what it feels like all throughout the day

How do you take this feeling and feel it all throughout the day?


And so we want to speak about romantic love

This was a long preamble

How many of you feel loved by your beloved?

How many of you feel loved by the one you yearn for?

We know, from the questions we receive

That it is not very many (laughing)

And not very often


And we’re not going to tell you necessarily

This time to just love yourself

We want you to access love from another being


We’re just going to say that you have love receptors

You have love receptors all through your body

You have an enormous network around your heart

But you have them all throughout your chakras

You have them physiologically

And you have them energetically

We see them as…they’re almost like flowers

Opening up, waiting, for the pollination

And when that happens, they spin

They wrap around themselves and they spin

They ignite

Not ignite in flame, they create light

And you have these receptors all throughout you

And they’re powerful

But they’re delicate

And they are not alone


We almost (laughs)…

It’s like outside these receptors, you have batters

And all these different defenses

As the love comes hurling toward you

You’ve got someone swinging for the fences (laughs)

You have an endless number of creative ways

Of batting that love away

Because along with love comes connection

Along with connection comes vulnerability

Along with vulnerability comes pain


And the truth is your whole energetic and physiological body

Is capable of picking up love constantly throughout the day

And yet for most of you in this life experience

Of bombardment

You’ve learned to wildly bat away what’s coming at you

Without being able to discern

What is love, and what is not

What is someone else’s fear, and what is not?

How do they show up to love you?

And what can you receive?


So your beloved withholds the words you want to hear

Your beloved is distracted

Your beloved is busy

Your beloved is in pain

And yet, from that beloved, perhaps

As they walk past you, and touch your shoulder

As they do what you’ve asked

As they fill your car with gas

As they wash your dish

As they bring home toilet paper

Your beloved is emitting love

Awash in their own incompetencies

Awash in their own ambition

Awash in their own frustrations

The love radiates through them

But where are your receptors?

Which are the receptors that are stronger?

You’ve developed the receptors for fear

You’ve developed the receptors for neglect

You’ve developed the receptors for not enough

More than the delicate, delightful precious receptors of love


And this isn’t to say to stay in relationships that are abusive

That is a completely new topic (laughs)

We are just saying more love is available to you

Than you have practiced receiving


So we invite you to sit with yourself

And see your receptors

See them open

See how many there are

These receivers of love

Practice in a safe place

Maybe somewhere in nature

Or with a pet

Somewhere you are sure

That all you will be receiving

Is the soft energy of love

And practice what it feels like

And maybe choose some receptors

Somewhere in your body

That feel manageable to you

Maybe there are some just around your throat

Around your heart

Maybe in the palm of your hand

And see if you can practice

In the presence of those you are connected with

Despite what else might be spinning and ringing

See if you can practice receiving the love

Watch what happens in your body when that process is ignited

Because it is a generator

Of well-being

Of happiness

Of generosity

Of compassion


And if you can’t feel it from the one around you

Then again tune back into a place you can

A stuffed animal (laughs)

A flower

The simple soft connection of connection

And again tune into what happens within you

Imagine if you get stronger at receiving love

Than you are at receiving inadequacy?





We see you covered in these receptors

These flowers

These suction cups

These vortices of delight


We come to you through these receptors of love

Through the inner core of your beautiful light bodies


And we come to you from the Heart Center

Of the Heart Cetner

Of the Universe

We love you so, beloveds

We love you so







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