How Do You Keep Your Magic Mojo Going, When Someone Creates a Disturbance in the Force?


A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

Aloha sweet ones

We want to speak with you

In the gentleness in this place

And this is part one of what we would show you

Of what you do

when you feel a disturbance in your space

And that is, first,

Because it will ignite fear in you,

And because it will ignite the warrior in you,

And none of these things are bad,

But first we remind you to be gentle with yourself

Be gentle with this sacred seed

Remember that this seed is what you have carried

To the earth

Watered and planted

Celebrated honored and grown

So be gentle first with this seed

And simultaneously remember its innate strength

Because this is the strength of creation


And so just as when a baby grows inside a woman

And you discover the resilience of both woman and child

Not always, sometimes, things pass as they are meant to do

But the incredible resilience of what you can’t imagine

Could withstand the pressures and the stress

And the difficulties

Remember that creation has this stamina

And yet, as a mother would carry her newborn

Despite the stamina, despite the strength,

Remember to cradle your sacredness in this time

To cradle this sacred place within you

That has grown


And so that is the first piece

And spend a moment

To just say, oh, beloved,

I am so grateful you are here

To feel in the wonderment

Of what you have been creating

And this very practice of being present

Of honoring the sacred within you

Is enough to shift you into this next place

Which may require more strength


No one has a right to bring you out of your sacred channel

And if spirit is bringing this to you

It is simply because you are seeing a mirror of your fears

And so this is the time to gently say

I am willing to face whatever fears you are bringing me

And it isn’t necessary to name them

To tear them apart

To attach them

Simply say, I am willing to face

Whatever fears you are showing me

And that willingness

Your deepest self knows

That it has all of your backing

That it has all of your capacity

That it has all of your openness

That it has your heart channel


And remember that there is a knitting together

Of all of existence right now

And knitting together, we mean not incorporating, necessarily

The off-cast, the off-gas

Into your tapestry

But the willingness to acknowledge

All that has been built and felt with your experience

So your willingness to face this fear

Is an acknowledgment, a fast-forward, lightning-fast

Multi-lifetime multidimensional acknowledgment

Of this place you are right now

As if it is a point in space and time

An apex

That everything has come to right now

And your willingness to say right now

I will face this fear

Is to take all of your lifetimes and experience

Into this one apex

And be willing to

Move on


And this is sometimes the greatest resistance

Is when spirit brings this in a form

A form of life,

That you may still have attraction to

The form of an ex

The form of a past friend

The form of a dream

And you get to experience all your attachment

But everything that you’ve built up to this moment

Is moving you into the next plane of experience

And so if you feel this deep destabilization

Bring yourself all the way to this moment

With all of your presence and love

And say, I am willing

I am willing to stand on this apex

I am willing to open to the next experience


And we believe that this will shift

If not the power of your feelings

The timbre and quality of your feeling

To one of curiosity

To one of excitement

“What happens next?

Now that I’m willing to face this fear?

What happens next?”

And don’t’ look at it in terms of a reward

Because this will get you trapped up

Into comparison

Just be present with the willingness to expand

Beyond this fear

And know that there is a new frontier for you


And now touch back into this

Gentle loving part of yourself

And know, that you are with you

Feel the expansion of your heart

And how your heart now

Is the organizing energy

Of your being

Capable of absorbing and creating

All that you’ve experienced before

And everything that comes before you


Wherever this discomfort is in your body

Know that the heart can transform it

And know that you

In this most loving presence of all that is

Are with you

And that we are with you

Always and forever


And we come to you

From the heart center

Of the heart center

Of the universe

We love you so

Sheila GallienComment