How Do We Love Now, When Relationships Looks So Different?


A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

Good morning, beloveds

We would love to speak with you today

About the state of the union

Because the types of unions that are being formed in the world today

Look and feel so different

Than what you all have been programmed to believe

Is love


And we in fact need to go

Dig a little deeper into the concept of what love is

We see love as this symbiotic relationship

This energy transfer that happens between

These beautiful, willow- like connectors

In your bodies

In your energetic fields

And in particular around the heart center

But also you have these receptors throughout your whole body

In your eyes

In your hands

All around your energetic field

And this is a kind of basis for…

We would call it an erotic experience of the world

In the original meaning of eroticism

Of eros

Of this—we would call it the experience

Of connection, of blossoming

Of…something hits these receptors

And there’s a sort of eruption

That can feel like a slow spreading

Or it can feel like a rush

Depending on the person,

The connection,

The experience

But it hits these receptors

And provides in your mind/body/spirit

A lushness

A flowering of a kind

So…this emotion…this…hmmmm

It’s really more than an emotion

It’s a transformation

Every time you consciously experience this reception

You are changed

You are changed in that moment

And you are shifted, if only for a second

Into the present

Into the present full experience

It’s as if there is an ignition

That electrifies your entire system

Reverberates a kind of cell memory

Of oneness

Of creation


And you can think of this, if you can imagine

It might be the taste of a warm cookie

It might be the scent of a flower

It might be the touch of an animal

It might be a lavender sunrise

All of those things activate this connection


And then when you bring in another human being

Who also has—everything does—but

A human being has a matching system

That electrifies on another level

To put it mildly

So when you feel this eroticism with another person

When you feel this lushness with another person

This is in essence

The birth of love

Which you can experience over and over


And sometimes senses get desensitized

So, this is in fact one reason people seek more eroticism

Is to feel this sense of the birth of love and connection with another

Because it becomes difficult sometimes

With the one to whom you’ve become accustomed


And so what does all this have to do

With the kinds of unions that are being experienced now?

We believe that part of it is this unbridled accessibility

To the eroticism in your world

To travel, to sensation, to new experiences

In a way that has never quite been experienced in the human body

Humans have encountered a lot of sameness

Not that they were not able to experience beauty through the natural cycles

But the level of sensory experience that can be enjoyed and sought after now

Is completely unprecedented in the human body

In this human body


And so that is one piece


And another piece is that

The human network…

The awakening human is asking to be freed from the dream of duality

The awakening human is trying to understand what this could mean

And yet there is all the pain and ancestral pain

That goes along with the lack of security

With the way…hmmmm….


Duality offers a certain security

The idea of heaven and earth

Behave a certain way and you’re rewarded

Behave another way and you’re punished

There are clear boundaries within this

Make a commitment and you are safe

Break a commitment and you are not

And the quest is in trying to understand

A new form of commitment

Which does not necessarily mean a free for all

And would not necessarily work for everyone

But there is both an expanding of your capacity for love

And a confusion around what it means to move past duality


And so the commitment that awakening allows

Is a commitment to kindness

A commitment to respect

Because in choosing your own truth

And lack of duplicity

And truth to yourself…


When it’s only done halfway…

As it has perhaps been done

Through much of the “New Age”

When it’s done halfway

It leaves people vulnerable

Because they’re offering a kind of

“I’m okay, you’re okay, I’m here now” mentality

And this is a very damaging paradigm

For love

For union

Because it breeds insecurity in the one that is not yet there


But this new way of coming together

And we should say “ways” plural

Because it’s being expressed…

We imagine you know many people

In very unique kinds of situations right now

It’s being expressed

Kind of like new crystals

Finding their way

And it’s imperfect

And there’s flaws

And there’s a lack of clarity in places

And what we implore you to do

In these new situation

Is to reach back into your own….

hmmmm…how to we say this?

Really back into your own connection

Reach back into your own desire


And at the same time

Through these new unions

There is a better understanding

Of the divine feminine

And the divine masculine

And there are teachers helping these energies to balance


And so the question then becomes

Is this also a duality

That needs to fall away?

And we would say absolutely not


We would separate the ideas of duality and polarity

And we would urge you to develop your consciousness

In both the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine

That as long as those life forms exist

And as long as reproduction takes place

Within those polarities

There is great wisdom to understand

In the empowering of both

And the embodying of both


And as we see the gender fluidity happen

We know that there is a lot of confusion

But we sense that people are drawn

To one or the other more

And we encourage you to connect most deeply

To the one that draws you

But to drink deeply in understanding of the other

Because sometimes you will embody it

And sometimes you will attract it


And so what does this do for the state of the union?

It’s up leveling the consciousness in such a way

That there is a truth

And a reverence

So these receptors we speak about

Between the polarities of masculine and feminine

Come alive and take you to the ultimate birth of love


So it is a labyrinth being explored right now

But we implore you to do it

With the greatest commitment to kindness

With the greatest commitment to truth

With the greatest seriousness

Of deeply drinking of an understanding

This idea more of attraction and polarity

Than duality

Not good and evil

Not man and woman

But the balance of creation


And so very practically speaking

We’re asking you to spend some time

Knowing your own divinity

And recognizing your own eroticism

Study what ignites the divine feminine

And study what ignites the divine masculine

There are many teachers

Speaking of this right now

And allow yourself to be educated


And you will find that the common thread in both of these

Is an ownership of the energy

Is a commitment to honor and truth

The kind of truth that is deeply self-seeking

That is not something one just blurts to another

The kind of truth that is deeply self-accountable

Not the kind that one uses to persuade another


And so the state of the union is absolutely glorious and exciting

And it will take incredible courage

Incredible strength

Which is fully available to you

By filing your own senses

With the eros that is available at all times to you

And to develop this erotic sense in yourself

So that you can be endlessly full

As you delve into the courageous caverns

Of this new world


We love you so and we are on this journey with you

And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe