How Do We Deal With Injustice? Not the Big, but the Small?



~In light of the tragedy in Las Vegas, I balked at releasing this transmission from earlier yesterday, as the focus is on small injustices, which will seem trivial by comparison. But the Heart Center has urged me to let their message through, because it is the compassion towards ourselves in these moments, small and large, that will give us the fortitude and resilience to lift, love and support others.  Blessings to all.

My question was: How do we deal with injustice? Not just the big, but the small?  The petty ones that sneak up on us and send us reeling and feeling stupid about it? How do we have a more effective response?

So the thing we want to say about injustice

Is that once again it puts you into a field of duality

And makes it very hard to get anywhere

It makes it very hard to find wholeness

Because there’s always a comparison from one side to the next

And we’re not saying that brutality and discrimination—

that all for these are just part of a whole--

What we’re saying is that any of these actions can make a mark on you

That everything you take in can make a mark on you,

Be a watershed

For the capacity of who you really are

And we know how you suffer


But let’s go back to the small transgressions

It’s very hard for you to put your mind there

Because you want to go to the big questions

But you also understand that

It’s in these tiny moments that you change the world


It really is just a judgment of fear

It really all is coming from a place of fear

Because what you’re doing is allowing in that moment

For something to cut you off from your divine power

And the truth is that nothing can diminish it

But as long as you continue to look for external validation of your truth

If you consistently look only for things going well or things going right

As the only validation of what you’re worth…


Well this is a tangly little subject because

It’s absolutely true that when you are in alignment, things flow

And when you are connected and whole in yourself, things flow

And yet there is more in the world working on so many different layers

And so sometimes our creations collide (laughs)

And there is always a beneficial outcome

There is always a beneficial option, but…


We think what you’re really asking is, what is pain?

What you really want to know is, why does it hurt so much?

And how can I be free of pain?


When you get to non-physical, and you have perspective

You will be free of pain

And so we would say freedom from pain

Is perspective

And bringing in the frequencies and vibration of epiphany

The exultation that comes from clarity

From aha!


And so continue to ask for the aha!

Ask for the epiphany

And when you find yourself in the midst of this slight or injustice

Ask to be lifted

Ask for epiphany

Ask for the vibration of truth

Ask for, even further, ask for the vibration of celebration

And the gift of perspective


And that includes with your own actions

If you have acted less than perfect

If you have acted in fear

Then ask for the aha!

For that action

It might simply be sitting with the discomfort of it

Rather than remedying it


For example, if you’ve written a scathing review

And it goes against the person you thought you were

With your evolved consciousness

Just sit with the discomfort before you do anything

And ask for the aha!

It’s always clear after the aha what to do

Or not do…


We invite you to just bring more compassion

And in this case, with injustice,

It requires a great amount of compassion towards yourself

You can take a rest

You get a hall pass

From understanding THEIR perspective

And go deeply into understanding yours

And let that perspective deepen, and grow and expand

Until you get the aha!

Your very own


It’s ok to only have it for you

Because each person going in

And having compassion and perspective on their own

Is the path to ending injustice

Because they will feel so loved, so understood, so held

That they will not need to act out on others


It is a lot like unilateral disarmament

And it may feel like a slow process

But it is working

And inadvertently when you have that much compassion for yourself

You cannot help but have compassion for others


We for one know that you are doing your very best

And you are doing beautifully


And we come to you

With the compassion and perspective

Of the Heart Center of the Heart Center

Of the Universe

Sheila GallienComment