How Can We Get the Kind of Love We Crave? And How Is Romantic Love Changing?


A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

(Note: I felt particularly charged by this channeling, both when it came through and listening afterwards. It was recorded on the shore of the beautiful east side of Kauai, in a sea of driftwood and pines. You might like to listen to it, even just for a moment to feel the energy. Love and aloha! Sheila)

Aloha beloveds

So today we’re going to speak about love love love!

Yes, that kind of love

That love that has been

Cordoned off, exonerated and enshrined

And lifted like a diamond in a vault

The kind of love that has come to be regarded as the ideal

And yet is achieved by almost none


And the thing we want to address

Beyond the idea, which we will return to

Of loving oneself with such complete connection

That romantic love enters the realm of divine creation…


What we want to address the idea of polarity

In these 5D times

In these evolutions

Because one of the mistakes—

we won’t say mistakes—but one of the--

Just what we’re seeing is like a multi-faceted obstacle

As if a multi-faceted gem

Has been built around the ability to understand this

This idea that the “5D world” will be without polarity

That in unity consciousness there is no polarity


What we’d like you to see

Is that without those energies

The system would simply dissipate

And so we can look at polarity

More as the force that gives

Dimension to the experience

That it is the energies within this attraction

That give shape

To make it a sphere

Or a diamond

Or a spiral

Without these energies, with force unto their own

There would be nothing


And so what we would say

Is that these relationships

That you so desire

Are not about losing polarity

They are about losing competition

They are about such complete

And whole acceptance

And expression

Of one’s true self

In these capacities

That it is not the shape and energy of creation

That you are dissolving

It is the conflict of understanding

Which does not mean that there will be no conflict

Because it is in your expression of self

And growth

That you excite each other

And this is in every organism (laughs)


It is the sun’s rays that encourage

The branches to reach towards it

And each receives an experience

The branch receives nutrients and the stimulus to grow

And the sun, it may be less direct,

But the whole system responds and sends energy back

From the planets

And the whole solar system

And galaxy

And the pieces around it and within it

All work within that system in their own way


And so in this love that you desire

It is enacting these roles

Of your beings

To allow the ultimate expression of each other


And this requires a certain amount

Of stillness within yourself

To listen deeply to who you are


Now in the case of male and female

We would ask you to seek the understandings

Of your deepest desires

And receive the wisdom

Of your body

And your relationship with it

For those on a journey to transmuting their bodies

With different polarities

It would be a similar and perhaps deeper still reflection

But for now we’ll speak specifically

To the male and female


We ask you to throw away

Whatever your societal roles are

In this place and time

And sit within

The peace of your bodies

And this IS the time

Of the divine feminine blossoming

This IS the time of receiving


And for those in the feminine body

Who have chosen this

And are wanting to embrace this

Your deepest work is to embody this receptivity

Is to embody this inherent connection

You have to your own divinity

Is to know that you are the source of all creation

You are an embodiment of the divine

You are goddess

You are worthy

And this is not affectation

This is not haughtiness

This is not bitchiness

This is the recognition that you embody

The source of all creation


And it serves ALL beings to live as this embodiment

It serves all beings,

And especially those men that will love you

To have this relationship with the divine

And so do not be afraid of holding that sacred place

Do not be afraid that you will lose what you so want

Because it is quite the opposite


And if you are in a male body

You feel this powerful draw to the feminine

To serve the feminine

Not so that she can control you

To serve that deepest divinity, receptivity

So that you can be in harmony

And that service is not supplication

That service is not giving up one’s self

That service is honoring, cherishing, holding, protecting

And protecting not in the sense of jealousy

But protecting the sacredness of what you create together

Protecting the sacredness of this being who is holding all of divinity for you

And so that she may hold you too


So this is polarity in the most simplified energetic sense

That she is the cave, and he is the fire

That she is the womb, and that he is the sword

And you can play every role desired

And embrace these elements within your body

The feminine to the masculine, the masculine to the feminine

To hold and understand to play with to ignite

But when it comes to this relationship

This core relationship

If this is what you want

If you see this sense of harmonic expression as your path

Know that this choice is a divine one

And treat it as a sacred path

Not a path towards reaching your “dreams”

Because along this path you will find


And know that the creations that can occur

Are beyond your capacity to dream

From your 3D model

From your white picket fence model

Know that nothing is out of your capacity

With such a union

And allow yourself the complete surrender

To experience the possibility

Of divine polarity

And union


So hold yourself sacred

Hold your encounters sacred

Cultivate the strength

Of choice

Exercise your choice to love yourself

As the sacred receptacle

As the sacred sword

And we can promise you

That you will then begin to experience

What will feel like it is beyond polarity

Because it is beyond competition


It is in the truest birthing of love


And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the universe

With so much love






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