How Can We All Feel At Home?


Welcome home!

We’d like to share with you

We’d like to talk with you

Wed like to be with you

About the word “home”


The word is so powerful

And evokes this sense of



Maybe a sense of beauty and connection


And yet what most people do

When they connect to the idea of home

Is they build the walls around them


And there is, of course

The exquisite comfort of the walls around you

Keeping out the rain,

The weather

The cold

The heat

The strangers

The energy


Oh the magnificence of one’s own bed

In one’s own home


At the highest moments

With the ones you love


And yet building your foundation

Upon the premise of home

Is a contract for illusion and upheaval


It is the anchoring of the illusion around you

That shelter is meant to be permanent


Now we are the biggest proponents ever

Of the sovereignty of your soul

Of the sovereignty of your heart

Of the sovereignty, and the sanctity

Of your body


And we are not asking you

To wander amongst the maddening hordes

And to deny the beauty and warmth

Of your home


Nor are we going to say the cliché

“Home is where the heart is.”

Well, we’re going to say it,

But with a little bit of a twist


Home is where the expanding heart is

And even within the confines of your home

We ask you, we invite you

To expand your heart


To take your rest

But then get back into the practice

Of expansion

Of the knowledge

That you are building a superhighway

That your hearts are superconductors

That only in the offering of this never-ending

Ever-expanding love

Can you build love

Everywhere on this planet


And so we ask you,

Once you take your rest,

To not simply contract

Within these four walls

But to breathe in this sanctuary

And to breathe it out

To breathe it in

And to breathe it out

To radiate out

The sense of peace

Of all needs being met

In that moment

Of connecting with each other

From home to home


Not just when you’re out and about

But in these moments of sanctuary

Reach out energetically


From your hearts

To connect

With each others’ sanctuaries


And root and recognize

This feeling

So that you may take it with you

So that you may radiate it to others

As you move about


That you may recognize each other

On this bandwidth of love and

Expansion and connection


And that you may bring others home

Just by your very presence


And as you radiate and connect

With all of the consciousness

Of loving home

Feel the network across the planet

From your open palms


And fold them back into your heart

So that the superhighway

Is supercharged

For when you need it next


And we come to you


From OUR home

The heart center, of the heart center

Of the universe





Sheila GallienComment