Good morning, beloveds

We want to speak to you today about fear

We’re going to speak through you today about fear

And we want you to notice, as we speak through you

That it is impossible for you to feel fear

While you feel the flow of our energy


It is like trying to breathe while you already are full of breath


And so what we really want to share with you about fear

Is that it’s really a life without breath

That it’s really just a moment

Where you’ve forgotten where you come from

It’s really just a moment

 Where you’ve forgotten who you are


So we invite you this moment to sit with us

And face your hands out

Your palms out

And allow what you consider to be

The highest of high

The most beautiful vibration

The most glorious image

To flow through the top of your head

Behind your eyes

Down through your throat

And out through your heart


Let this energy pour down through your arms

And your elbows

And out through your hands


Just allow it a moment to cycle through


And if you’re not seeing or feeling anything

Then imagine just pure love

Imagine the person or thing you love most in the world

And that love that you feel for them

And let it flow from your heart

And out through your hands


Feel the heat in your palms


And feel the presence within you

Feel the strength

Of how your cells are filled with radiance


And try from this moment

To imagine something

That you’re afraid of


Doesn’t it all just seem like a movie?

Like a funny little projection

Moving along a funny screen?


And it is the same experience

No matter what the perceived threat

Whether it is physical or spiritual or economic or romantic

In whatever realm you might find your fears


So we invite you to develop a sacred breath

An activating, sacred breath, if you will

To breathe in, through all the receptors that you recognize

The crown, the back of your head, your throat

Silently and quietly through the pineal gland

Through the third eye

Receiving all of that beauty

Knowing and allowing it to flow out through your hands


Any time, no matter if people think you’re crazy

Raise your hands

Sheila is sitting on a rock right now with people walking by her

Feeling fearless


And develop this sacred breath

Because when you are connected with the sacred breath

There is no fear

All fear is

Is the absence of who you really are


And you are always here

And we are always here

And we are always with you


We come to you

In the sacred breath

Whenever summoned

From the heart center

Of the heart center

Of the universe




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