Are Soul Contracts Really Binding? (What if We Wrote Them With Ambrosia?)


Good morning, beloveds

There is something we wanted to say urgently, about contracts

The gravity with which you view contracts is…

We guess what we want to say is, “misplaced”

Because agreements can only really be made between whole beings

With revealed intentions

And with consciousness

And many of the contracts under which you operate

Are deeply flawed

And the main thing we would say about them

Is they have so many hidden clauses (laughs)


And we’d like to teach you

How to see the tendrils and threads

Of these kinds of contracts

And how to burn down, if you will

To the core of what is really being contracted


And so we speak of this in so many contexts

But where most of you will resonate

Is in the context you may refer to as soul contracts

As if these are eternally binding

As if they really need to be completed


Now we don’t want to confuse you by saying

That one should not complete an agreement


But we want you to feel the power of free will

And we want you to feel the power

Of the knowledge of your divine truth

And we want you to reevaluate your contracts

Within this context of divine truth

And they will begin to feel different

Because you will literally have shaken free

Of these shady tiny little threads

That are triggering all this unnecessary movement


Of course where these show up for most of you

Is with lovers

We invite you perhaps to look at what it is

You are most afraid of?

And we believe there you will find

The root of what we will call a false contract


And so let’s say perhaps what you are most afraid of

Is not feeling chosen

And we invite you to look at the quality of the contract you may have created

With one who may be present or one who may be past

And we invite you to look beneath that

We might even say to crack it open


And what would happen

If that contract was based, was created

From the you that is whole, divine and complete?

What might that contract look like

With that person then who was also beloved, complete and whole?

And what then could be created between you?


And what would it look like

To literally and forever dissolve these threads?

We almost want to call them banal

But we know how much pain they cause you…


What we really want you to understand

Is that as your consciousness enters you

As your light body enters and integrates with you

As you being to move along the heart superhighway

The threadiness, the shoddiness

The” used car sales feel” of these contracts

Will become present, will become clear

And we invite you to watch those threads

Flapping in the wind


We invite you to watch this

With love

For yourself

We invite you to watch

The bird wings

The shrillness of the patterns that you create

We invite you to see the thinness, the scrappiness

We invite you to look at the shoddiness of the ink on your contracts

And we invite you to continually ask

What would this look like if it were written

With ambrosia?


Because this is the contract that we make

As divine beings with one another

As galactic consciousness

As eternal divine expressions

The contracts that are binding

Are those that are made of light

As our hearts fill yours with light

And we come to you from the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe




Sheila GallienComment