A Panic Button For Loneliness?

Photo by  Yeshi Kangrang  on  Unsplash

Hello dear ones

Dear sweet lovely ones

Today we would like to speak to you

About loneliness

About this echo in your heart

About the deprivation of your senses

About the abyss

And about the outreach


You see you came into these bodies

Because of the delicious warmth of one another

It is the biggest reason

Because expansion is possible in many different forms

But those who come back from these particular bodies

Report such delicious, orgasmic connection

And so it is only natural

That when you come into these bodies

This is your expectation

Bu the part they forget to say

That you really cannot fathom

Until you’re in one of these

Is how fleeting those moments are (laughs)


And so it is easy

When you’re blasted

From your first experience of this connection

And the newness of this powerful brain center

These incredible spinal nerves

The amazing sensitivity

It is only natural to be literally overwhelmed by sensation

And want more


And you know the irony is that the truly

Most impactful piece of this

Comes from the energetic body that you bring with you

It’s just a whole new set of filters

It is really a masterpiece, this human body

It is one of the greatest creations

In terms of sensitivity and interaction and integration


But the piece that’s been missing is this

It’s almost like a carburetor

At the top of your energetic system

Of being able to adjust what comes in and out (laughs)

How it mixes, body and light

Maybe this is why you’ve created

The internal combustion engine

So you could look at the concept of carburation

Of inflow and outflow

And so many other kinds of energy distributors

That you’ve worked up

But the one that you never look at

Is your own?

Your ability to modify incoming and outgoing energy

And to also recognize the wholeness and brilliance

Of your own connection

Of your own expression

And we really want to give you something practical with this


Now this is why spiritual ecstasy is so rewarding

Because it takes the place, at least, in some ways

Of that physical spiritual connection with another being

Another human being


We mostly want to invite you to not panic


We would like to give you a panic button

So that when you feel desperate for this influx

Whether it be from a human being you desire

Whether it be from a source of ecstatic connection

Whether it be from a flood of hormones

Released from some physical act

Whether it be from something you eat, or touch

Or experience


We would like to offer you a panic button

And that is simply to take the palms of your hands

And touch them against a living thing

By living we mean anything connected to earth wind water or sky

Or you can cup your palms together

And hold a ball of light


Now that’s the panic button, we’re going to edit it

If you can touch a rock, a tree, water, the earth, yes

But even better, cup your hands together

Round them and touch the fingertips

And feel the balancing of incoming and outgoing energy

Adjust your carburation



Because all that loneliness is

Is the feeling of an escalated addiction,

In that moment, that crazy-making moment

Where you feel like you are not enough


And while we understand, support, bless, encourage

The moments you have with one another

If you practice this recalibration, then

Those moments with another

Well they’ll develop a whole new level of power

Blasting each other into yourselves

In through source

As well as the connections to one another


And in this way you begin to integrate

The light body that you brought with you

And calibrate the physical body of this incarnation


And we come to you


Don’t panic!


From the Heart Center of the Heart Center

Of the Universe






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